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PyraFire Pyramid
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PyraFire Pyramid

PyraFire Pyramid.
EMF protection and Energetic enhancer. The PyraFire is just 50mm high but is the ultimate inerton-generating device. A solid brass alloy pyramid. Truncated at corners and base for maximum energy output at base and apex.

This device has the ability to create a strong coherent field which transforms the depolarising, draining environment most of us live in (due to EMF's, concrete and rebar which block the earth energy and many other issues) into a healing, beneficial energy that strengthens vs. weakens us whether awake or sleeping and protects us from all EMFs.

Once in place, it upgrades the energetics of your entire grounds and building by emitting inerton energetics to repolarise the ground layers. Inertons are defined by quantum physicists to be the particle field surrounding every physical object, from atoms to planets. The denser the field, the more coherent, healthier, strength building, healing and less susceptible to the effects of EMF pollution.

Place a PyraFire Pyramid inside your house about a metre off the ground (on a wood table) and at least half a metre from the wall. Use one per 200 sq metre. If the house or office is bigger, place one at either end of the building.

Its also ideal for your traveling or for your car. It converts the car's depolarising field to a beneficial field.
It provides protection from EMFs in your vehicle, an airplane or your hotel room.

You can use the Pyrafire on a 3 pin multi-outlet in the home, make sure it HAS 3 pins(it must have an earth). Plug the multi outlet into the wall socket, place the Pyrafire on one of the empty outlets and then have it a metre above the ground and half a metre away from the wall on a wood table, preferably. This will neutralise the EMFs from all the electrical wiring, including everything plugged into an outlet, including computers, TVs and appliances.

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