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Femenessence™ Macalife™ PRE
NZ $55.35
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Femenessence™ Macalife™ PRE

The beauty of Femenessence™ Macalife™ is that it works with your own body, stimulating your pituitary and adrenal glands and your nervous system to support and balance the levels of the key hormones FSH, Estrogen, LH and Progesterone… and nothing is more natural than your own hormones. When hormone production is regulated and balanced, it is easier for your body to achieve overall physiological harmony, which means fewer menopausal symptoms and most importantly an improvement in general health.

Completely Tested - we know it is safe!

Femenessence™ Macalife™ has been tested for toxicity and pharmaco-dynamic effects, both in laboratory models and in a pilot, clinical trial. In those trials, two key areas of health for peri-menopausal women were investigated:

* Symptoms related to peri-menopause,
* Women's health issues such as hormone imbalance and general health.

In the clinical trial, according to Kupperman's Menopausal Index, Femenessence™ Macalife™ had an incredible overall success rate of 74 - 82% and was shown to:

* Reduce hot flushes*
* Reduce night sweats*
* Reduce vaginal dryness*
* Help elevate mood*
* Increase energy levels*

Fast acting

On average, women who use Femenessence™ Macalife™ have a positive affect in only 10 days, with the majority noticing improvements in a period ranging from 2 days to 6 weeks.

What dose of Femenessence™ should you take?

As demonstrated in clinical trials, 84% of women experienced positive effects when taking the recommended daily dose of 2 x 500mg capsules twice daily (morning and evening). However all women are different and finding the dose that creates optimal balance for you is a personalized process. Experience has shown that if you don’t benefit from the standard dose, by increasing or reducing, as directed by your practitioner, almost all women will benefit from Femenessence™.

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