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Femenessence™ Macapause™
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Femenessence™ Macapause™

Femenessence™ Macapause™ works primarily through rejuvenating your body to create a healthy balanced state that promotes optimal health. Femenessence™ therefore works in a unique way for each woman – supporting your individual biological make-up and optimizing your personal health status at any stage of your life.

Clinically Proven

Femenessence™ Macapause™ has been rigorously tested in clinical studies over periods of 3, 4 and 8 months. In these studies, two key areas of health for post-menopausal women were investigated:

* Symptoms related to post-menopause
* Women's health issues such as hormone imbalance, heart health and bone density

In the clinical trial, according to Kupperman’s Menopausal Index, Femenessence™ Macapause™ had an incredible overall success rate of 84% and was shown to:

* Reduce hot flushes*
* Reduce night sweats*
* Reduce vaginal dryness*
* Help elevate mood*
* Increase energy levels*

Apart from relieving the symptoms you might experience post-menopause, attention to other important factors will create an environment for optimal health. Potential areas for attention are:

* Hormone balance
* Increase in estrogen
* Reduction in FSH
* Support for bone health
* Healthy body weight

Bone Density

As you approach and enter menopause, your bone density decreases. While there were no changes in bone density recorded in the placebo group, use of Femenessence™ Macapause™ resulted in a substantial improvement in bone health. This was confirmed in a follow-up study where statistically significant increases of serum calcium levels which support bone health were recorded in women using Femenessence™.

How is Femenessence™ Macapause™ different?

Current plant-based solutions for menopausal symptoms include Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Wild Yam and soy-containing compounds. These phyto compounds assist with only one aspect of the overall physiological changes that occur during the pre and post menopausal periods, unless of course women are taking three different products!

Femenessence™/Maca-GO™ through its adaptogenic properties, helps balance all hormones by creating an environment for optimal health. This mode of action means that Femenessence actually supports natural production of your own hormones.

Suggested dose:

As demonstrated in clinical trials, 84% of women experienced positive effects when taking the recommended daily dose of 2 x 500mg capsules twice daily (morning and evening). However all women are different and finding the dose that creates optimal balance for you is a personalized process. Experience has shown that if you don’t benefit from the standard dose, by increasing or reducing, as directed by your practitioner, almost all women will benefit from Femenessence™.

The primary ingredient of Femenessence™ Macapause™ is Maca-GO™.

Maca-GO™ is not a standard Maca product but is one of the highest quality nutraceuticals on the market today. Maca-GO™ is an organically grown and processed, proprietary combination of four major phenotypes of Lepidium peruvianum Chacon – a specific species of the herb commonly known as Maca. There are a number of different phenotypes of Lepidium peruvianum Chacon – each appearing to display different gender and age-related effects. From the organic Maca roots, which are planted and grown on NHI’s plantation at 4,300m in the Peruvian Andes, NHI selects only specific phenotypes. After harvest the Maca roots are dried using traditional organic methods to enhance and maximize the desired therapeutic effects of the herb. They are then put through NHI’s patented †, organically-certified, manufacturing process. To our knowledge NHI’s entire process, which avoids extreme heat, chlorine and other chemicals, is the only 100% natural and organic method currently in operation in Peru. With these superior methods applied across the board from production to manufacture, the process results in Maca-GO™. This is a concentrated, herbal preparation with enhanced therapeutic potency based on the entire spectrum of active constituents as compared to standard Maca powder. In a comparative laboratory study on Maca-GO™, it has been further shown, that when compared to the highest quality Maca extracts on the market, not only does Maca-GO™ have a higher level of some actives, but also a much wider spectrum of key actives which contribute to reported high potency of Femenessence™ Macapause™.

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