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With 7-8 full flow nosebleeds a day, my Doctors prescribed a lot of different sprays, (and there were many) . None of these caused the flow to slow or stop, and I believe they just irritated my nose more.  A friend recommended I try a natural, homeopathic nasal spray. One called Euphorbium. Heel Euphorbium Nasal Spray is the only one to date, that worked, and I am happy  to say, that I get maybe 1 or 2 nosebleeds a year now. 
bless ya

hi Gary, Carmel here, so I have been taking those minerals for about 3 days now, and I find I'm not as fatigued, already.  I am still quite weak, but I am super happy that my body is not so tired. It was so bad that I couldn't even stand for longer than 3 minutes when talking to someone....I would have to sit on the ground....and if I did gardening for 2 hrs, I would have to rest for the remainder of the day and for the following day, and its been like this for 2 years. 
I look very forward to seeing what my body will feel like after having the minerals for a month. 
Thank you so much for your care and assistance, you have no idea how happy I am to find something that actually works.

Bless ya,
Carmel Hickling

...exceptional service as always..
Hi Gary,
Thanks for the exceptional service as always. . the Vitamin C was sitting at my front door by 9am this morning!! Blows my mind every time. I always know I can rely on you.
Love to you both.
SN, Christchurch

..Started getting leg cramps 25 years ago..
I visited Gary mid last year on the sketchy hope he may be able to assist me. 

I was completely and utterly down and out struggling with relentless leg cramps and re-occurring UTI's that just seemed to worsen.I had started getting leg cramps 25 years ago and had been advised by the medical profession that there was nothing to cure the ailment except take Quinine. Over time my body rejected the Quinine. I had tried pretty much everything on the market over the years which proved ineffective, costly and extremely frustrating.

I came across Gary's practice and was sceptical in contacting him as I had visited a Naturopath previously for months and had no luck with that outcome. However desperation guided me to his path and I'm happy to say he has helped me tremendously. Nearly a year down the track and I haven't had a UTI as well as that my cramps are pretty much under control now.  They are not 100% rectified however 90% improvement is a fantastic result.

I have no hesitation in recommending Gary as a "Healer of all sorts"

Thankyou Gary

NA, Tauranga

Thanks Gary! The parcel arrived this morning. I am astounded that the purchase is always so straight forward & quick! You are my "go to" online shopping outlet!
Cheers BT

Thanks again, it's been an actual life saver (Pun Intended)
Again, <3 thanks sir!
FM, Auckland

Hi Gary,
That is so kind of you! You really are a lovely person.

Please let me know if there are any issues.. hopefully payment has gone through ok.
Thank you again,
You have really made my weekend. Things are not easy at the moment.
Thank you Gary


Hi Gary,
Thank you for the E Recipe Book.
 My order arrived this morning at 8:15am, super fast delivery.
Many thanks
Kind Regards
Sorry I didn’t let you know immediately.
Thanks again for the follow up. Great service
Hi Gary,
Thank you very much for your help and time earlier this week.
I have started L on the remedies, which he has tolerated well so far. I will give you another update soon.
Thanks very much
Hawkes Bay
Dear Gary
I realise that I neglected to send you a message letting you know that my Miessence order arrived on Wednesday morning as scheduled and in excellent condition. Many thanks,
Hawkes Bay

Yes thank you. Sounds good.
Appreciate your interest.

Thanks Gary for being so helpful. Much appreciated.
Kind regards
Hi Gary
Thanks for your speedy and thorough response.

If you could amend my order to match the assessment, I would appreciate that.
Kind regards


Hi Gary
meds received and paid for.

thank you so much
Kia ora and Regards

Hi Gary
Thank you for the lip balm that came with my order this week.  It's lovely.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your help & support this year with my health & fertility journey.  And look where we are now!  Very exciting times.  Looking forward to some additional testing on 8th January and then we'll know that everything is okay.
I will keep you posted!
Have a great Christmas & New year break! :-)
Kind regards

Whah-hoooo!!!! It’s arrived!!
Thx heaps Gary - really appreciated

Happy Xmas
Cheers LW

That’s very kind & generous of you - thanks Gary
Great. Thanks Gary. All the best to you too.
Kind regards,

Many thanks Gary ...
Looking forward to utilising your Company more and browsing the site for other products which may interest me!
Kind regards,


Hello Gary and Andy,
The parcel has arrived already!

Very impressive!
Anyway, thank you for sending, I intend to send it to our son in Melbourne, who works in IT and has a lot of exposure to EMFs.
Thank you for the soap!
Merry Christmas to you both!

Hi Gary,
Thank you so much for your response I am so grateful ...

Thank you again so much for your suggestions
With kindness

Awesome thank you..
"Awesome thank you will pop money in once you've emailed through account. 
Thanks and your service is excellent!

Have recommended you to friends because of the no fuss great service you provide.
Have a super day."

such prompt service.
Hi Gary,

Thank you again for such prompt service and for your kind advice and guidance. I'm really pleased to have found your website. I enjoy using the Active Elements range and notice a difference when I accidentally run out. I tell my friends about the range and about you and your website for assisting their needs too. 

Thank you again for the support with advice and products. 

Kind regards,


Thanks very much for your prompt service
Hi there, 
The vitamins arrived today.
Thanks very much for your prompt service.
Kind regards,

Creating the life you desire
“I am grateful for the time, support, services, love and guidance that I have received from Andy.   There are so many things that Andy has assisted me with on my life journey.   I feel what she has offered to me in her services has exceeded my expectation or understanding of learning about the “bigger picture”  .  I look forward to seeing my life unfold.  Thanks with love Andy.”
Noeline Taurua

Helped so much....

Connie said that what you sent has helped her a lot.... It even helped her rashes disappear faster
She said to say thank you

Super Adrenal Tablets
Hi Gary, I would like to order a large pack of super adrenal tabs thanks. My daughter is back on a visit from London as my son got married this last weekend. Just so you know I'm not eating them all!! They really do keep the whole family going through stressful periods. We think they are amazing,of high quality and an effective product!

Peri/Pre Menopause
Hi, THANK YOU SOOOO! MUCH for the extra box of Femmenessence. Its amazing how quickly they work in the system putting everything into balance. I'm feeling so much better, its great.
Take care
Lorraine Erith, Masterton

"After 6 months of trying to conceive, I had one visit to "Albert" at Taupo Natural Therapies(our old name) and the next month I was pregnant!
Alberts treatment combined with simple diet suggestions from the naturopath did the trick.
It couldn't have been easier. We are delighted - thank you!!"
Toni Larkin, Taupo

Hair, Skin and Nails and no more sugar craving
Hi Maximum Wellbeing team – thank you for your email. I’m feeling lots better thanks! Back on three times a day with the Inliven and feel great. The rash is still there but not annoying me just looks yukky. You know how I told you my nails never grow – well now they are! Very exciting – I have nails for the first time. Didn’t wash my hair yesterday and wasn’t nearly as greasy as it usually is when I don’t wash it – will try and get into the routine of every second day. AND totally over my addiction to sugar – am eating mainly foods on my beneficial list of my blood type. So, yea, all is good with me
Catch up with you soon!
Kathy Charmley, Dannevirke

Medication Reduction
Thanks for your concern. To bring you up to speed, I've decided to stop taking the medication(Betaloc, carbimazole) issued by my Doctor the day I received your stuff with no apparent withdrawal symptoms yet. Feeling much better. Will still need another appointment in the future, will keep you posted,

J Tupara, Taupo

More Energy
Hi Gary, I wanted to tell you that I am feeling so much better already. I've got heaps more energy and the bloating has improved considerably, I'm even back on carbs in the morning.
So thank you very much for your advice, your a star!
Sarah Dailey, Taupo

Get Results!
It is without hesitation that I recommend the services of Gary Beck and Maximum Wellbeing. Their ability to look at the "whole picture" before recommending treatment, gets the results.
Judith Hutchinson

A long distance customer

I received your assessment yesterday, thank you. I was not surprised really about the contents but very surprised there were so many things written that were so right!!thanks for the comments. Anyway thanks very much for putting me in the right direction and for your information and also for recognizing that which I was not able to have confirmed by anyone else.
Marina V, New Plymouth

Unbelievably accurate
I made an appointment with Taupo Natural Therapies and “Albert”( the computer) has changed my life. Albert this wonder computer that I was so pessimistic about but willing to give anything a go was so unbelievably accurate it was scary. He read my body telling me things I did already know included things I had wondered about and revealed things I wish I had known years earlier.THANK YOU very much for all your advice, caring and solutions.
Kathy C, Taupo

Abdominal pain
I bought my daughter to see “Albert' after having had her in two hospitals. She had laparoscopy to try to identify the cause of her abdominal pain. After 1 treatment with Albert and the experienced Naturopath she is now going back to school and is feeling a lot better. She has more energy each week and the pain has gone. I would recommend anyone with anything that the doctor has difficulty identifying, to come and see Maximum Wellbeing.
Carolyn G, Taupo

Digestive and skin problems(acne roseacea)
I visited the Naturopath Gary Beck because I was suffering digestive distress including heartburn and occasional diarrhea. I slept with a jar of strong peppermints beside my bed as I found that these relieved the heartburn and allowed me to get to sleep. After Gary's analysis, treatment and suggestions I am virtually free of any digestive problems, I sleep well and enjoy regular and normal bowel motions. In addition, I have been able to gradually reduce the level of treatment that I was on and now only use a maintenance programme.
I would be very happy to recommend Maximum Wellbeing to any person suffering with their health problems.
Tui F. Taupo

Healthy daughter again
Renee's (11years) health has improved in 2 weeks, she has more energy and lost ½ kg in her first week ,that wasn't because she has dieted but because of the nutritional suggestions from the Naturopath. The results are amazing, thank you for helping me to have a healthy daughter again.

I came to visit Maximum Wellbeing because I knew my health was extremely poor. I needed to solve the problem areas and wanted a genuine consultation and physical process to correct my ill health. After a few months I feel healthier than I have in many years. Thank you for taking the time to understand and give me the correct products. I feel wonderful.

Thanks for all your help and support this year. I visited you in September and since trying the diet you suggested I have been feeling lots better. I continued to take the drops and they also helped. I completed my ½ marathon in November with a time of 2hours and 45 mins which was 30 minutes better than I had planned so I was very thrilled with myself. Once again thank you for all your help.
Gerry M. Taupo

I came to see you a couple of weeks ago and said I would let you know how I was getting on. I have finished the suggested tablets and the rash on my legs has cleared up, which had been there for many years, the dermatitis on my fingers seems a lot better. Thank you .
Georjeana B Turangi

Feeling really good and back to the gym full time, thanks you very much
Barbara T. Te Awamutu

Thank you for giving us both some great advice and obviously getting me on the right track,as I said, I feel great and look better than I have my whole pregnancy and even before it.
Tracey B. Auckland

We thank you for your support in our healing process. We love coming for our session and feel the improvements.
Ursula from Taupo

Bad bowel problem
I come to see Maximum Wellbeing 3 weeks ago with a bad bowel problem, after testing me with “Albert” the Naturopath worked out what I needed. I can't believe in such a short time how much better I am. I also sleep much better and my eyesight is better as well. I will continued with your suggestion and as an added bonus I have also lost some weight. A big thank you.
M.P. Taupo

Just to let you know that Nick is doing well in the USA. I think even the week before he left he started to pick up some more. Thank you again for all your time and help.
Alexandra A. Taupo

Thank you for sending me the drops. I am very much better.
Beverley G. Auckland

Thank you for all you kind support and positive attitude throughout these past months
Sonia B. Turangi

Sore tummy
I bought my five year old son to Maximum Wellbeing because he had a sore tummy with cramp. The treatment the Naturopath gave him has made his tummy a lot better. I have been very happy with everything they have done for Joshua. Thank you.
Susan B, Taupo

Bad eczema that is all gone
My experience with Maximum Wellbeing has been great. Our little man had bad eczema that is all gone. We have followed the Naturopath's suggestions and his whole personality and behavior has changed for the better. It is nice to have a happy well balanced child who has totally changed for the better. Thank you so much.
Ruth O, Taupo

Highly recommended
3 weeks after taking the advice given by Gary the naturopath at Maximum Welllbeing and “Albert” I have felt a big improvement in my health. My energy levels have increased I am sleeping well and waking refreshed. I am fascinated and surprised by the accuracy of the information and advice given by “Albert” it amazes me that “Albert” is able to read my body so well -on a emotional and physical and energetic level. Highly recommended
Emma S. Taupo

Thanks for putting us on the right track.
My daughter, aged 7 , suffered from a sore stomach on a regular basis. I was told of Maximum Wellbeing from a friend who suggested I bring her along and meet “Albert”. After only 3 weeks the improvement has been amazing. My daughter hasn't had a sore tummy since we met “Albert”
I am so proud of her improvement and her wellbeing. Thanks for putting us on the right track.

Food poisoning
I have had Coeliac disease for about three years now and have never felt very well. At the end of January I became very sick with food poisoning. My stomach and bowel were terrible. I was introduced to “Albert” at Maximum Wellbeing. After a consultation and a suggested formula I was feeling wonderful at the end of the first week. My stomach and my bowel have never felt so good and my bowel motions are back to normal. Thanks “Albert”.
Olive M.Taupo

I came to visit Maximum Wellbeing and now I am not farting as much and my tummy isn't sore , my nose doesn't run as much and I don't bite my nails now.
Thank you so much.

Thanks Gary and Maximum Wellbeing. Your products in three days improved my tongue to almost as it should be after nearly decade of thick white film. My acid reflux problem has also reduced,thank you so very much indeed, I am very grateful to you.
Vaughan J, Hamilton

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping Elli's tummy. After his first 6 months of lots of crying when going to sleep because of his gurgley tummy and lots of burbs, he's a completely changed baby. His tummy is fine now. His chin is heaps better too. I've been meaning to email you, to thank you for a while, you've made life easier for us all and we don't have to see our little boy uncomfortable anymore. Big, big thanks to Albert(?)too.
Sofia S, Australia

My husband even sent me back to get some more of that magical stuff
After years of suffering PMT and having Anti depressants the naturopath at Maximum Wellbeing prescribed a remedy for me. I didn't think it would make a difference, however to my surprise I got my period without the usual sadness,anxieties,emotional turmoil. My husband even sent me back to get some more of that magical stuff. Thank you for making a difference.
J.S, Taupo glad I am
A computer can read your body,mind and spirit? I was totally against the idea of even going on Albert to begin with because I thought it was such a lot of hogwash. Oh how glad I am that I went through a session with “Albert”. The computer told the naturopath what was wrong with my body. I started to feel a bit at ease because unlike going to a conventional doctor where they try to find the problems Albert identified past issues and went about to correcting them. After a consult with Albert I can't see myself turning back. My new philosophy is prevention rather than cure.
Lawrence W, Taupo

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Stewart Williams

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