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Anti-Inflammation Guide
NZ $23.25


Anti-Inflammation Guide

Anti-Inflammation Guide

The Anti-inflammatory Food Guide researched and written by Kathleen Cole ND, has been designed to shift the balance from an inflammatory diet to anti-inflammatory. Some foods that are inflammatory but can be a part of a healthy diet such as organic meats or whole-grains can be made less inflammatory by adding anti-inflammatory herbs and spices or marinades high in anti-inflammatory nutrients. 

Inflammation is considered a key mechanism in the development of many chronic diseases: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, alzheimers, autoimmunity etc. Although acute inflammation is a necessary process in healing following an infection or injury, this same process can be over-stimulated and become a systemic chronic inflammation that can damage blood vessels and organs.

Our bodies produce "prostaglandins" which are inflammatory or anti-inflammatory chemicals from nutrients. A diet high in inflammatory chemicals such as those found in processed foods, trans fats and refined sugar can lead to excessive production of inflammatory compounds. The consumption of certain anti-inflammatory nutrients high in omega 3 and antioxidants produces more anti-inflammatory prostaglandins and dampens down the inflammatory response. 

  • Groups of foods rated on the anti-inflammatory to inflammatory scale
  • An anti-inflammatory diet has a wide range of benefits helping to reduce risk of many common chronic disease including heart disease, diabetes, alzheimers, cancer, autoimmunity etc
  • Extensive notes on the reverse defines inflammation and ways to dampen the flame
  • easy reference format( 500 x 285 mm, 19.75 in x11.25 in) to display on kitchen wall or fridge
  • Laminated for durability

We are only listing the laminated chart here but an un-laminated version is available by special request.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size and shape of this item part of the shipping cost is included with this price.

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