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Heel Zeel T - 50 gm ointment
NZ $58.25


Heel Zeel T - 50 gm ointment

Heel Zeel T - 50 gram ointment

Zeel ‘T’ is used for symptoms associated with degenerative arthritic conditions.

A unique homoeopathic combination formulation of botanical, zoological, biochemical and mineral substances.

May be beneficial for the temporary relief of mild to moderate:

  • Arthritic Pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint Stiffness

Over 30 years of worldwide therapeutic use.

The alternative to chronic NSAID administration like Diclofenac or Cox II inhibitors.

Apply to the affected areas, rubbing in gently in the morning and evening, or if necessary more often. Occlusive dressing may be applied.

100 g cont.: Cartilago suis D2, Funiculus umbilicalis suis D2, Embryo suis D2, Placenta suis D2 0.001g each; Rhus toxicodendron D2 0.270 g; Arnica montana D2 0.300 g; Solanum dulcamara D2 0.075 g; Symphytum officinale D8 0.750g; Sanguinaria canadensis D2 0.225 g; Sulfur D6 0.270 g; Nadidum D6, Coenzymum A D6, Acidum alpha-liponicum D6, Natrium diethyloxalaceticum D6 0.010 g each; Acidum silicicum D6 1.000 g.

Ointment base: Hydrophilic ointment (DAB 10) cont.: Emulsifying cetylstearyl alcohol, ethanol, purified water, liquid paraffin, soft white paraffin, preserved with 12.9 vol.-% ethanol.


Please consult your doctor or a certified, homeopathic practitioner for advice if pain persists.

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