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Designs For Health(AU) PEA Supreme
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Designs For Health(AU) PEA Supreme

Designs For Health(AU) PEA Supreme - 60 vegetarian capsules

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Palmidrol is an analgesic that has been developed to help relieve pain.

Here is a great natural alternative to anti-inflammatory medication, the main active element PEA is enhanced using LipiSperse® technology and by adding another clever natural anti-inflammatory - Quercetin.

Mild Pain Relief
The beneficial impact of PEA for reducing mild pain symptoms has been clearly demonstrated in a number of clinical trials, with such efficacy observed to be consistent independent of age, gender or aetio-pathological causes of pain.

Chronic pain is defined as the persistent presence of mild to severe pain for at least 3-6 months beyond the usual
duration that healing is generally expected following an illness or injury. And it affects ALOT of people, statistics tell us chronic pain is affecting at least 19-24% of Australians/NZer's aged over 45, (particularly females and older individuals), and 38-43% of people worldwide, with significant adverse influences on the quality of life and productivity of affected individuals.

PEA Supreme formulation:
Palmidrol (Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) from Levagen+TM ----- 150 mg
Quercetin dihydrate ---------------------------------------------------------- 30 mg

> Contains Palmidrol from Levagen+TM, a fatty acid amide.
> LipiSperse® technology to significantly enhance water solubility and bioavailability/absorption.
> Palmidrol is an analgesic that helps to relieve pain.

Palmidrol (PEA)
PEA, an endogenous acyl ethanonolamide, is a saturated fatty acid derived from palmitic acid that is naturally synthesized in various body tissues as required in response to stress, injury or pain.
Elevated levels of PEA have been observed systemically and locally in chronic pain conditions and during tissue injury and inflammation processes.
Nerve Pain  Arthritis Pain Fibromyalgia

PEA’s significant analgesic properties are attributed to several direct and indirect underlying mechanisms.  The effect of PEA on multiple pain pathways underlies its beneficial effect on relieving pain and mild neuralgia pain.

As a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, quercetin has been shown to work synergistically to potentiate the
pharmacological effects of PEA.

LipisperseTM Technology
PEA Supreme is manufactured using LipiSperse® technology. This is a unique delivery system scientifically formulated to increase the dispersion of lipophilic agents in aqueous environments.
LipiSperse® increases the surface area of PEA resulting in enhanced absorption and significantly increased plasma PEA concentrations compared with standard PEA formulations.

Directions for Use
Adults: Take 2 capsules once or twice daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Contraindicated in individuals hypersensitive to quercetin. Quercetin may modulate enhance the activity of digoxin,
paclitaxel, pioglitazone and medications metabolised by CYP3A4 hepatic enzymes when used concomitantly.
Quercetin may reduce the effectiveness antibiotic medications with concomitant use.
Adults only. The medicine may interact with other prescription analgesic medicines, please consult your healthcare professional before use. Not to be used for more than 21 consecutive days. If symptoms persist, talk to your
healthcare professional.

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