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Heel Schwef-Heel®
NZ $48.30


Heel Schwef-Heel®

Schwef-Heel® 30ml
Schwef-Heel® is a remedy that helps with dermatosis conditions - that is essentially any skin problem where there is not an adverse inflammatory process going on, it can be either acute or chronic.

Irritant eczema may respond positively to this remedy and the interesting things to look for with this biological medicine are as follows:
  • Irritated skin
  • Weeping skin eruptions
  • Disturbed sleep or difficulty going to sleep
  • Hot feet - want to hang them out of the bed
  • Worse in the warmth of bed

This is also a remedy that could be helpful for upper respiratory catarrh or even bronchial asthma.
Long term application of this remedy is safe and in fact more benefits may be gained by using it over a longer period.

Main Indications
  • Irritant Eczema
  • Scabies
  • Dermatitis
  • Hives(urticaria)

The Schwef-Heel® tends to work by exerting a cleansing action on the body terrain and this in turn will make it difficult for fungal and bacterial infections to become established.
In may be appropriate to use this product in conjunction with others such as the Detox Kit, Graphites, Psorinoheel, Traumeel tablets and also Galium-Heel or Lymphomyosot to assist in cleansing and purging the connective tissue.

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