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Providing you with the worlds purest health care products

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What are the root causes of illness?

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Are you struggling to find the answers?

YOU will benefit from our many years of experience in the field
of natural health
YOUR body will benefit by using products of unsurpassed quality
YOU get to feel and see the RESULTS!

We are very fussy with the type of products we use,
both in and on our body - we think you should be too!
Helping you create the best possible wholistic health outcomes


NATUROPATHIC ADVICE - may include testing your body to determine what(if any) herbs/minerals/vitamins may be beneficial and assist you back on the path to vibrant health.

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HEALING - may include both hands on and/or hands off processes to ensure your energetic body is functional and able to make use of the foods and nutrients you are feeding it.

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We are here to help

There are 2 main tools used in the clinic, "Albert" and a testing procedure known as QRA.

With these at our fingertips we are able to be very accurate with your assessment of not only where the problems or weaknesses are but importantly what the best remedial approach is for YOU.

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We are able to offer the best of both worlds, all under the same roof. Gentle, effective healing along with rock solid nutritional direction to ensure you and your body are working at the optimum level - the level we all deserve.

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No More Guessing?




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Initiate a systemic detox the safe, easy, gentle way.
Mineral status is absolutely fundamental when detoxifying.....
When it comes to knowing which minerals your body needs, our FREE online assessment takes away the guess work
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We know the importance of maintaining our pH in the correct range, and minerals are the "buffers" that work in the background to keep us in the right place.


A great combination to monitor and improve mineral status.

Miessence Certified Organic products
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As an example of our desire to use only the purest products, we recommend Miessence - for the benefit of you, your family and the planet. Miessence is the worlds first extensive range of internationally certified organic personal care and nutritional products.

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Active_Elements_Logo.gifFIND OUT FOR FREE!

Which minerals does your body need right NOW?
Active Elements® formulas are inexpensive, lifestyle friendly and they are lactose, gluten and animal free.

Complete the free online mineral questionaire and we will be in touch soon with the results that will allow you to get started on the path to vibrant health
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Hi Gary,

Thank you again for such prompt service and for your kind advice and guidance. I'm really pleased to have found your website. I enjoy using the Active Elements range and notice a difference when I accidentally run out. I tell my friends about the range and about you and your website for assisting their needs too. 

Thank you again for the support with advice and products. 

Kind regards,


Helped so much....
Connie said that what you sent has helped her a lot.... It even helped her rashes disappear faster
She said to say thank you

Great Service!
I'm so impressed!! My order arrived this morning!
Excellent service thanks.
Liane H, Christchurch

Hi Gary
Thank you so much, amazing service!
Kind regards
Kerry K, Albany

Pre Menopause
Hi, THANK YOU SOOOO! MUCH for the Femmenessence. Its amazing how quickly they work in the system putting everything into balance. I'm feeling so much better, its great.
Take care
Lorraine E, Masterton

High Quality, Effective Products

Hi Gary, I would like to order a large pack of Super Adrenal tabs thanks. My daughter is back on a visit from London as my son got married this last weekend. Just so you know I'm not eating them all!! They really do keep the whole family going through stressful periods. We think they are amazing!
Suzi W, Papamoa

Thank you
Thank you for all you kind support and positive attitude throughout these past months
Sonia B. Turangi

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Our customers say

quote.gif I can't believe how fast my body has responded to the treatment and programme I have been given to follow..
Stewart Williams

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