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Gary Beck, Naturopath, Building Biologist

As well as being a naturopath with an interest in degenerative diseases Gary enjoys researching and will offer a variety of tests in clinic to allow for an overall assessment of where you are on the "health continuum" and importantly what needs to happen to get you to where you want to be.

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There are many things that will influence our overall health and many things that are "stressors", the skill of identifying these stressors is something that Gary places very high on every-ones list of priorities.

Stress is a major killer and comes in many different shapes and forms.
Things to consider is stress resulting from deficiencies or pathogens, electrical stress or emotional stress or stress from things such as toxins in the air, water, food.

In the last few years Gary has been able to offer expertise in dealing with Adrenal Fatigue and uses a range of unique supplements that have been developed specifically to nourish and rebuild damaged adrenal glands. The products and protocols used have been developed by Dr James Wilson, a specialist in the field of of adrenal dysfunction for more that 30 years.

In a  clinical consultation Gary will often use QRA, an advanced form of muscle testing developed Dr Robert Marshall that allows for an accurate assessment of all body systems. This is dynamic and exciting testing regime that delivers exceptional results when combined with targeted nutritional support and is also used holistically to assess emotional blockages and deal with past physical trauma. The results can be amazing!

Maximum Wellbeing is currently operating out of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and is able to offer testing of the thyroid using the highly accurate ThyroFlex test. This test must be performed face to face and is shown to be 98.5% accurate for testing thyroid function.

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Gary is one of just a handful of qualified Electrobiology Environmental Inspectors throughout the country. With this experience Gary offers home or office inspections to assess your exposure to "electrical stress", an ever increasing problem in our modern day lifestyles. This is a highly specialised area of expertise and Gary is available to travel to carry out inspections, request more information at our contact us page

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