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A tektite is a unique substance that is the result of the impact of a meteorite when it strikes the earths surface. The "slag" that is produced has unique properties that can offer benefits to us both physically and energetically.
  • Calming - may improve sleep
  • Grounding
  • Protect from EMF's
  • Balancing - may balance both feminine and masculine aspects of an individual
  • Improve immune system - may enhance your immune system when fighting fevers
  • Improve circulation - may reduce dark circles under the eyes due to an effect on capillaries

Tektites are found in 4 major sites around the world and have been used for many years.
Australian Aborigines use the term "mabon" to describe it - a word that means "magic" and it was seen as good luck to for those who found a tektite.

A tektite placed under your pillow at night may allow you to relax more and sleep more peacefully. It is also said that tektite will assist in learning lessons through life and improve meditation.

The key use for tektites in our work is to enhance the body's energy field and in particular the ability to cope with EMF's or Electro-Stress.
There are a variety of products both man-made and natural that claim to eliminate the negative effects of EMF's, it seems Tektite is one of those substances and with our testing in clinic we are able to demonstrate this clearly.

Be aware however that not all Tektite has the same properties, the tektites we offer have been tested specifically to determine if they are energetically potent.

A natural, cost effective way to strengthen your own energy field and keep you safe from EMF's.

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