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 Designs for Health GI-Revive ™
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Designs for Health GI-Revive ™

Designs for Health GI-Revive ™ Powder.

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Comprehensive support for gastrointestinal health and function.

GI-Revive ™ uses a combination of natural and herbal ingredients used in traditional Western medicine to offer comprehensive gastrointestinal support

This formulation is appropriate to both maintain gut health and reduce discomfort due to mild inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.

One of the ingredients is L-glutamine, this is used in medical foods for such stress situations as trauma, cancer, infections and burns. Glutamine deficiency can cause severe intestinal degradation and supplementation can enhance intestinal healing and repair.

It also contains mucilaginous herbs which work together to enhance intestinal function by coating and soothing the intestinal lining, promoting the healing of ulcers and inflamed tissue, and reducing cramping by relaxing the intestines. The mucilage found in herbs such as slippery elm, okra, and marshmallow entrap water in a gel like structure, creating the perfect barrier for irritated tissue.

Active ingredients per serve(1 heaped teaspoon)
Glutamine                                                                  2gm
Pectin                                                                         1gm
Polaprozinc (zinc carnosine)                                 75.04 mg
Equivalent zinc                                                           16mg
Uncaria tomentosa(cats claw) extract                      200mg
Equiv to dry fruit                                                           1g
Ulmus rubra(slippery elm) bark inner bark extract   125.04mg
Equiv to dry root                                                       500mg
Quercetin                                                                 100mg
Dimethyl Sulfone(MSM)                                           100mg
Glycyrrhizza glabra (Liquorice) extract                      50mg
Equiv to minimum dry root                                        400mg
Matricaria(Chamomilla) Flower extract                       20mg
Equivalent to dry flower                                            100mg
Aloe Vera Extract                                                      2.5mg
Equiv to dry leaf                                                        500mg
Althea(marshmallow) Officinalis Extract                    5mg
Equiv to dry root                                                       100mg
Hibiscus esculentus fruit extract                                 25.04mg
Equiv to dry fruit                                                        100mg

Directions for use:
Take one heaped teaspoon once a day in a glass of water
or as directed by your healthcare professional

Excipient ingredients per serve
– Calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate
– Colloidal anhydrous silica
– Steviol glycosides
– Maltodextrin
– Citric acid
– Silicon dioxide
-- Peach flavour

Pack size 225g

Does not contain the following ingredients Gluten, dairy, lactose or nuts.

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