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Maximum Wellbeing Bio-Energetic Max Disc - twin pac
NZ $43.44


Maximum Wellbeing Bio-Energetic Max Disc - twin pac

Maximum Wellbeing Bio-Energetic Max Disc - twin pac

A big source of "electrostress" in our 21st century is the exposure to EMF's related to our cell phones, tablets or other portable devices. And I am happy to say we now have something that is lightweight, simple and yet effective at changing the way the energy from your phone(or other portable device) affects you, essentially this little bit of magic  neutralises the emissions from your phone so it is less of a stress for you, and lessening the stress burden is a key approach to supporting your health in the long term.

The design of the Bio-Energetic Max-Disc incorporates the energetics associated with numbers, letters in the form of words and sacred geometry.

In addition we have used numbers that are associated with the angelic realm and these aid in providing both a calming effect when under stress and reassurance all will be well.

The Bio-Energetic Max Disc, is a "sticker" that can be applied to your phone, laptop or tablet quickly to give peace of mind. The sticker is a combination of sacred geometry and frequency numbers of healing codes that when combined have a profound effect. Obviously we don't claim to have some fancy "science" to prove that they work, but so far, on all of the test subjects and their devices we have had a 100% success rate by using my kinesiology testing before we apply the Max-Disc and after, the results have been a consistent positive change to the energy from the device and it's negative effect on the person tested.

The sacred geometry shapes and forms that have been used also follow the natural formulas used throughout time and present in nature to bring balance and harmony.

The Bio-Energetic Max Disc is only supplied in a twin-pac, a chance to buy one for you and one for you better half  - a two pack for just $49.95, the price singularly is $30 each.

The images show a couple of applications of the Bio-Energetic Max Disc so you know what you will be getting and where to put it, remember this could be used on any of your portable devices, phone, laptop, tablet.

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