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Magnesium Diasporal - Large
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Magnesium Diasporal - Large


Mag diasporal

Not all Magnesium supplements are the same......not even all CITRATES are the same, Water Soluble Magnesium Citrate with Diasporal® Delivery system for Optimal Results

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Magnesium Diasporal
® is part of a range strictly for prescribing by qualified health practitioners to their customers.

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Therapeutic Magnesium-Diasporal® for rapid absorption into the cells, supporting:
  • Energy production and an active lifestyle.
  • Migraine headache management.
  • May assist in the maintenance of normal blood pressure in healthy individuals.
  • Healthy nervous system function.
  • Healthy glucose metabolism.
  • Bone mineral density.
  • Stress, nervous tension and mild anxiety associated with PMS.
  • Cramps and pain associated with menstruation.

Therapeutic Magnesium-Diasporal®
  • Clinically Trialled - backed with clinical evidence of efficacy
  • Optimal delivery - excellent absorption and intracellular bioavailability
  • Proven to improve Magnesium status fast
  • High strength 400mg dosage
  • Used therapeutically worldwide.
  • Pure Magnesium (no competing vitamins or minerals)

Box Sizes: 50 x 5.5gram sachets 

Suggested serving: 1 sachet daily

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