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Sweetree Fresh Bee Pollen
NZ $19.51
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Sweetree Fresh Bee Pollen

'Bee Pollen is an incredible natural source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Regular consumption aids your general health and well-being.
Just some of the reported benefits of Sweetree Bee Pollen are:
  • sustained energy,
  • enhanced immunity,
  • reduced stress,
  • relief of inflammation,
  • more rested sleep and better skin condition. 

You can add to ice cream, salad dressing, sandwiches, cereal, yoghurt, smoothies, etc.'

Our fresh Bee Pollen is collected from hives, frozen (to kill any wax moth eggs or larvae) and then we taken to a registered NZFSA premises where it is dried. The product is very gently dried at temperatures that do not exceed those found in an operational bee hive, this ensures the integrity of the pollen is maintained with its full range of nutrients, vitality and goodness. Next, the pollen is cleaned in a seed cleaner. The pollen is then run on a conveyor and visually checked to ensure all debris has been removed.

Once these steps have been completed and the pollen is clean it is then packed into sealed satchets and ready for consumption. All these steps are necessary to ensure that what you have in your satchet is nothing but Bee Pollen.

The full nutritional profile of Bee Pollen varies but the chemical analysis from research laboratories all over the world show that bee pollen is a complete food.

Bee pollen contains the following nutrients (the location and source of bee pollen can cause variability in the vitamin and mineral content of bee pollen):

- All essential amino acids
- All minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese, iron and zinc
- Some trace minerals
- All B vitamins, including B-12 (one of the few vegetarian sources of B-12)
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin E
- Folic Acid
- Panthothenic Acid
- Rutin
- Lecithin
- Enzymes
- Anti-oxidants, including flavanoids, beta-carotene
- Lycopene.

The nice thing once again is that this is a food develped by nature, in our opinion you can't get any better than that!

The pollen is packed in smaller quantities to ensure freshness for the end user. Add a spoon full to your breakfast in the morning or simply eat direct from the spoon. At 1 teaspoon daily the satchet will last 6-8 weeks. Customers that are new to pollen should start off with just a few granules the first time and if no adverse reaction, build up to a teaspoon after a week.

Some consumers experience a lessening of aches and pains, sleep better, have more energy and just "feel better" when consuming Bee Pollen regularly. An increase of both stamina and energy could be the most common effect of using a good quality fresh Bee Pollen.

Supplied in 200gram satchet.

NOTE: If you have a known allergic reaction to bee products please contact your health care provider before consumption.

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