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Chanca Piedra Extract - Stone Breaker! - 30ml
NZ $34.74


Chanca Piedra Extract - Stone Breaker! - 30ml

The name says it all - "Stonebreaker"

Phyllanthus niruri is a tropical plant known as both Chanca Piedra and Stone Breaker. It may support kidney and gallbladder health.

This high quality product is a highly concentrated extract of chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruri). The Spanish name of the plant, chanca piedra, means 'stone breaker' or 'shatter stone'. It was named for its effective use by generations of Amazonian indigenous peoples in eliminating gallstones and kidney stones. In Brazil, the plant is known as quebra-pedra or arranca-pedras (which also translates to 'break-stone')

How successful is Chanca piedra in expelling stones?
Dr. Wolfram Wiemann of Nuremburg Germany reviewed over 100 case studies,
he found the herb 94% successful in eliminating stones and further more found that
Chanca piedra is helpful in preventing stones from forming.

Ingredients: NutraMedix Chanca piedra, this unique formula delivers the leaf and stem extract of this wild harvested Peruvian plant through a highly bioavailable liquid that can be easily incorporated into any daily routine.
Free of gluten, corn, dairy, starch, sugar, yeast, soy, and nuts.

Indications: For kidney stones and gall stones (active stones and as a preventative); to tone, balance, strengthen, detoxify and protect the kidneys and to reduce uric acid and increase urination; to tone, balance, strengthen, detoxify, and protect the liver (and to balance liver enzymes)


Keep the bottle tightly closed in a dry place at room temperature (59-86°F or 15-30°C). Shake well before use. With the liquid dropper, add the drops to a 4 oz. glass of water, not distilled or reverse osmosis. Do not place drops in hot water. Allow the drops to sit in the water for at least one minute before drinking. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Stop use if adverse reactions develop.


Put 1 to 30 drops in 4oz. of water and wait one minute before drinking. Start with 1 drop twice daily (30 min. before meals) increasing slowly up to 30 drops twice daily or as directed by your physician.

Contraindications: None reported.

Cautions: Use under care/advice of a medical practitioner. Not intended for long term therapy. Hypoglycemic herb, may lower blood sugar. May be somewhat hypotensive, therefore, persons with a heart condition or taking heart medication must consult a medical professional before use. Also known as a emmenagogue, uterine stimulant, so not to be used during pregnancy. Contains the natural phytochemical geranin, may potentiate insulin, antidiabetic drugs, antihypertensive drugs, beta-blockers and other heart medications. (L. Taylor, Sage press)
Use under care/advice of a medical practitioner.

Drug Interactions: None reported; however, it might potentiate antihypertensive, diabetic, and diuretic drugs.

Other Observations:

Chanca piedra has been documented to reduce blood pressure in animal studies. Individuals with low blood pressure should be monitored for this possible effect.

Chanca piedra has been documented with female anti-fertility effects in one mouse study. The use of the plant is probably contraindicated in women seeking pregnancy.
This plant has demonstrated hypoglycemic activity in animal studies. Individuals with hypoglycemia should be monitored more closely for this possible effect.

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Chanca Piedra Extract - Stone Breaker! - 30ml

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Chanca Piedra Extract - Stone Breaker! - 30ml

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