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Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard® 30mls
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Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard® 30mls

Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard®
Dr Wilson's Original Formulations.

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Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard®

"Body-Guard® is the first thing I reach for when my patients are suffering from any kind of infection, especially intestinal or urinary tract infections. It is valuable in cases of intestinal dysbiosis such as Candida and is a godsend for those who suffer from repeated urinary tract infections, even ones unresponsive to antibiotics. It is also the best way I've ever seen to rid yourself of stubborn fungal infections of the toe or fingernail (applied topically underneath the nail)." Dr. James Wilson

Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard® is a unique liquid combination of colloidal silver, herbs and other powerful agents that have been shown to be reliably effective in a variety of anti-pathogenic activities. It does just what its name implies; it acts like your own personal inner bodyguard working around the clock to protect you. Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard® is also designed to stimulate your immune system into action to make it even stronger and more responsive. As a result, you can regain a healthy, balanced inner environment, especially in your intestinal, urinary and genital tracts. That is why we emphasize the value of using Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard® to get rid of unwanted pathogens when you are trying to recover from Adrenal Fatigue. It really works. We recommend that you keep some on hand at all times and take it with you whenever you travel.

Your Adrenal glands have difficulty recovering from fatigue when you are suffering from any kind of infection. Unfortunately people with Adrenal Fatigue often have decreased immunity, making it more likely that unfriendly bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungi will get the upper hand in their gastrointestinal, urogenital or respiratory tracts. No one with this kind of intestinal body burden can fully recover from Adrenal fatigue until that body burden is eliminated. Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard® is a natural deterrent to intestinal and systemic bacterial, fungal and parasitic proliferation resulting from antibiotic or other drug use, poor diet, contaminated water, immune insufficiency or illness. It is designed for rapid, short-term, immediate action and works internally to help your body combat infectious agents, stimulate immunity and take the body burden off your adrenals.

Ingredients - A proprietary liquid formula containing: Colloidal Silver,* Grapefruit seed extract,* Lomatium (root),* Black Walnut Hulls(Juglans nigra),* Cats Claw (bark),* Olive (leaf), Pau d'Arco (bark), Echinacea purpura (whole plant),* Echinacea augustofolia (root),* Clove buds (undeveloped flower),* Wormwood (Artemisia annua leaf & flowering top), *Thuja occidentalis (leaf),* Cayenne (leaf),* Oregano (leaf)* and Thyme (leaf) in distilled water.
*Daily value not established.

Contains no animal products *

Directions for use - Mix 6-10 drops of Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard® in a glass of non-citrus juice or water four times daily (upon rising, mid-morning, mid-afternoon & before bedtime) on an empty stomach for 7-10 days.

For problems involving intestines, take with Squeaky Clean

Quality and purity - Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard® is a completely natural dietary supplement produced with monitored quality controls under sanitary conditions. Every bottle contains the same standardized amounts of the ingredients. *It contains no sugar, yeast, corn, wheat, soy, dyes, colouring agents, egg, dairy, or animal products.

Size: 30ml liquid

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