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Clinical Assessment, Analysis & Treatment

Over the years many tools have been used within our clinic and the drive in more recent years has bee to simplify the process, for both customer and practitioner.

The mastering of a muscle testing technique known as Quantum Reflex Analysis(QRA) created a significant shift in the delivery of effective protocols and treatments.

More recently, with a greater understanding of the effect of stress - and there is lots of it in many people's lives - and the all too common hormone imbalances that influence many across society, we have developed the ability to accurately assess thyroid function. The thyroid gland controls many, and interacts with all other body systems. For those able to come into the clinic in the Sunshine Coast we are able to offer the full service incluThyBalancedding thyroid testing.

NATUROPATHIC CONSULTATION - including Thyroflex test
This is only available for local customers who are able to come into the clinic for a face to face consultation.
This includes general case taking, discussion of concerns, testing using the thyroflex test device and may lead to further recommendations or for the more serious cases referral to one of our "specialists".

All consultations are conducted with privacy and safety in mind. As much of our work is now done online, we utilise a number of tools that ensure the feel of a professional clinic environment.
Initial Virtual consultation: ($175.00) consists of an opportunity for a zoom/video meeting to take an in depth case history and then will move to a health analysis using a surrogate test model using QRA testing to determine what is likely to be the best remedial approach.

The follow up is usually in 2-3 weeks and an 1 hour is scheduled for that.

Some clients may only need or want one session, or they may just want to check how they are progressing with their health. We are very accommodating because we realise that people are on very different budgets but still care for their well-being. So just give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your preferred option.

This consultation contains a health and lifestyle assessment, a appraisal of your diet, past and present health history and your family health history. At the end of the consultation a treatment plan is formulated for you, which may include nutritional therapy, homeopathic remedies, herbal medicine, along with health and lifestyle advice. 

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