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Animal Healing

  • Is your horse, dog, cat or other pet out of sorts?
  • Are they off their food?
  • Do they have skin allergies?
  • Are they acting out of character?
  • Are they not listening or misbehaving?
  • Are they suffering from health issues?
  • Are they Anxious?
  • Have your living circumstances changed?
  • Do you have a horse that you are having trouble floating?
  • Has your pet been re-homed?
  • Has your pet experienced some sort of trauma or accident? 

If your pet is experiencing any of the above symptoms, they may not have an energy field around their body or their energy centres/chakras (see below for an explanation) may be out of alignment.  When this happens it is like the cells of the body are sitting on the couch. not talking to each other and having a sleep.  You may be feeding your pet all the right foods and supplements or even medications from the vet and their body is not up-taking them like it was designed to therefore it appears like nothing is changing.
During a healing session we wake up these cells and kick them off the couch.  We get them to start talking to each other again, to have the body running at optimal levels.  Sometimes they haven't put the garbage/waste out for awhile, therefore your pet could experience a bit of a detox.  Once the cells are talking to each other again, your pets body will be able to heal by itself by up-taking the nutrients, supplements or medications given by the vet. They will feel more balanced.  With an energy field fully intact, it is like a buffer around the body which helps all the outside influences just slide off.  During the healing I will help your animal let go of any trapped emotions they may be holding onto.
For example: If you are having trouble floating your horse, it could be that they don’t have an energy field around their body, therefore they are not connected to the earth, their sight can be distorted, and their senses are heightened therefore they can become more anxious. Horses are a prey animal, therefore when they are not connected and see a horse float it appears as a big black hole and will assume the worst – there could be something in there that would attack them. 
I experienced this first hand with a horse when I was at a Healing Touch for Animals class.  I had lead this particular horse with another one across the paddock and he was nice and relaxed.  We had put them in yards which was also fine.  When I went to get him to bring him into the arena the horse changed, I had left my jacket and book lying on the ground in the middle of the arena.  I got through the door and I could feel him tense up as though he was going to rear.  We were a good six meters away from it.  I tried gently to get him to come forward but he definitely wasn’t comfortable.  After checking with the instructor we lead him in a different direction but didn’t move anything.  On checking his energy field he didn’t have one and no energy centres/chakras either.  We rebalanced his energy field with the Healing Touch techniques and his chakras, reconnecting his legs to connect him to the earth.  He was then lead again in the direction of the jacket and book.  He went freely and easily and even plonked his foot on the book.  It was amazing to watch the transformation.
Who am I and what healing modalities do I use?
My name is Andy (short for Andrea) I grew up on a drystock farm outside of Tirau and could ride from the time I could walk.  I have always had a real affinity with animals and had always wanted to be a vet as a kid.  I would sit and watch the vet operate on the cows in the yard.  I had the stomach for it, however not quite the science. 
I have been doing massage and healing on people for the past 20 years.  About 8 or 9 years ago I was at a friends house who had a little poodle.  I was checking his chakras whilst he was on my knee.  I figured that whatever  I could do on a human I could also do with an animal.  What happened next took me a little by surprise, he started talking to me.  This dog used both words and pictures and I just knew things.  I relayed these to his owner.  Her husband was in a retirement village, some days he was more coherent than others.  The dog wanted to go and see him more often as he was missing him.  He told a few other tales as well, which was quite funny.  Needless to say when I went to visit he would let me know what was happening or not happening. 
I have always done this work using modalities such as massage, reiki, access consciousness and intuitively working with pets, so earlier this year I thought it was time I actually went and did a course especially for animals.  This was a course with Annis Parker using Healing Touch and Energetic Healing Techniques.  It was interesting that I was already doing a lot of what was taught, however there was many little gems in there that I wasn’t using  which has increased the healing outcome for the pets. I have since completed Level 1,2, 3, and 4 for Humans in Healing Touch.
What affects the body’s energy field?
Quite often the energy field can be knocked out by abuse, an accident, being re-homed  (this can be what they were subjected to in their previous home), dog fighting, or a traumatic event – including a fall or break, having an anaesthetic or something the owner is going through.  (What animals tend to do is look out for their owners and if they get sick or go through trauma, the animal will try and take on some of the emotions so that the owner can cope)
How often should I have my animals checked?
My suggestion is to have two sessions within 7 to 10 days of each other.  The “new normal” for them, may initially feel odd.  If your animal has been out of alignment for quite some time we may have to re-train the body that the new normal is in alignment. This also gives you a chance to see the difference between them being in alignment and out of alignment therefore putting you in charge of your pets health and wellbeing.
What if I live outside of Tauranga?
These sessions can be done in person or from a distance, therefore it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.  All I need is a photo of both sides of your animal in a well lit area.  As strange as it may seem for some, the art of radionics and distance healing has been used for over 100 years. The results are just as noticeable either way.
dog and ball-480

What are Chakras?
We each have 7 major energy centres (or Chakras) in our bodies plus a positive and negative charge (just like a battery).  So if there is something blocking these energy fields we do not work to full capacity and may feel low in energy, tired, lethargic, emotionally scattered, or have trouble staying on task.  The main cause of these blockages or Chakras being out of alignment are past emotions or trauma. (Please be aware - some pets may have been physically abused before you adopted them)
We also have minor chakras in each joint of our body, including each vertebrae and chakras in our organs (some having more than one)
The chakras can easily be realigned by using energetic balancing techniques, along with hands on healing and talking your pet through releasing the emotions or trauma from their physical bodies, cellular memory and energetic bodies. The verbal processing techniques often times give the muscles and cellular memory permission to release what they are holding onto, allowing your pet to release it and move on.


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