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Heel Product FAQs

Heel - High quality biological medicines
  • What is homeopathy?
    Homeopathy is a therapy which is based on he principle that "likes are cured by likes," it usually uses high dilutions of ingredients which in undiluted form cause an illness in order to heal the patient.
  • What is homotoxicology?
    Homotoxicology is a medical concept which defines diseases as expression of the body's defensive effort to rid itself of toxins. The combination homeopathic medicines of Homotoxicology are administered based on conventional diagnoses and disease classifications in an effort to stimulate the body's natural defence system to overcome the symptoms produced in the process of getting rid of the toxins causing the illness.
  • What are Heel products made of?
    Many different substances are used and diluted homoeopathically. Heel preparations contain dilute ingredients from botanical, zoological, and mineral sources. Heel preparations are available in different dosage forms.
  • Liquid preparations contain alcohol, which is used to preserve them. They are generally taken sublingually. Persons may place 10 drops of the medication in a glass of water before administration. Tablet and oral vial preparations are available for those who prefer a non-alcoholic dosage form.
  • The primary inactive ingredient in the tablets is pharmaceutical grade lactose. Tablets are pleasant tasting and should be dissolved under the tongue.  Many Heel preparations are available as oral liquids in vials. These consist of medication dissolved in saline and contained in glass vials.
  • Can Heel products be used safely to treat pregnant women?
    Most homeopathic preparations could be classified as Pregnancy Category C. In general, homeopathic medications are not known to cause direct or indirect harm to the foetus, historically thought to be safe. Animal reproduction studies have not been performed and there are no well-controlled studies in pregnant women. In cases of pregnancy or suspected pregnancy, it is advised to consult a health professional before administering homeopathic medications, even though there is no documented cases of ill effects.
  • Can Heel products be used safely to treat children?
    In general, homeopathic medications are not known to cause direct or indirect harm to children. Specific dosage instructions for children are printed on each label of every Heel product. Generally, children under 6 receive half the normal adult dosage.
  • For how long may Heel products be administered?
    The general rule with homeopathic medicine is that it should be taken until an improvement in symptoms is noticed, at which time the medicine may be stopped, or the dosage tapered. In a chronic condition, long term treatment may be required before symptoms subside. In an acute case, improvement may occur rapidly if the medicine is properly selected.
  • Can I take other medication while using Heel products?
    Yes. There have been no known indications of drug interactions.

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