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Healing and Life Coaching.

ANDY  Is a healer, life coach, and a clear channel for her guides and Angels. This enables her to connect with you, working in purity and love to ensure healing is at the optimum vibration for you.  This process allows you to release blocks gently and easily, empowering you to achieve anything you wish in your life. Enabling you to become the master of your own destiny

Andy facilitates healing your heart and soul from past emotional and physical traumas or past life events that may be affecting you in a way that may be stopping you from being present and succeeding in your chosen path.
By removing blocks or those things that numb you out resulting in you being unable to move in any direction, the work Andy does will empower you to start choosing what you would like to have in your life as opposed to what others want or expect from you.

Learning that you no longer have to live by other peoples rules or expectations will create freedom and ease in your life. For some this may be the first time you have really felt that you can choose for YOU.

Healing is not about what you can see, its about what you can't see and more importantly about what you can feel. We all have subtle bodies which effect our physical body.  There are the mental, emotional, spiritual "bodies" to name a few, all different aspects of ourselves but none the less all equally important in creating a feeling of balance and allowing for us to be who we really are.

Anything blocked in any of the various subtle bodies can be most crippling if they are jammed with emotions/feelings or events that have not been dealt with, these will eventually begin to manifest physically in your body leaving you susceptible to dis-ease.  Dis-ease within your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies can and will eventually result in disease within your physical body.  

Andy's belief is that our emotions affect the physical body more profoundly than anything we could ever imagine.
Physical aches/pains or disease present themselves in our body as a warning that something is going array way beyond whats on the surface.  You may not be aware of the specific event or events that are causing it because with the more traumatic events and emotional pain we tend to drive it so deep within ourselves that we forget mentally - many of you will be familiar with the concept of loss of memory, our wisdom ensures that the most traumatic and painful of events stay well hidden in an attempt to keep us "safe".

Many events, particularly those that have been painful in some way (physical/mental/emotional) are suppressed, but of course somewhere the physical body retains it and the pain or dis-ease that manifests is a sign of it surfacing so that you can work through it.

In working through this with Andy you will usually see the result in alleviating the pain or dis-ease.  If you are willing to look at and deal with your emotional issues miracles can and do happen. The process is most often simple and non-invasive and yet incredibly liberating and of course healing.

Andy has found distance healing works just as effectively as face to face healing, this of course makes this work more accessible and practical for people in other towns or countries to benefit from her gifts. The distance healing can be done via email, all that is required is a name and a photo and Andy will schedule a time when she "tunes in", in some cases these sessions can be conducted by phone or via skype.

Andy has over 20 years experience in Energy Work (Reiki, Chakra Balancing), Healing, Massage, Access Consciousness and Intuitive Life Coaching.  During this time she has helped many people work through emotional issues, reduce pain and learn to use simple tools quickly and effectively in their everyday life. This helps people clear the dross so that they can see the wood for the trees - the end result is a feeling of being empowered allowing them/you to effectively make the right choices and decisions for themselves for now and beyond.

Be the Master of your own destiny! Do it NOW!

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