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In these pages you will find a wide range of topics, and this is always being added to, changed, updated along with our developing skills and new developments.

These are exciting times, and with a recent change in clinical operations we have been fortunate to come across another great tool that allows us to offer the most accurate test available that assesses the thyroid and gives us real time results.

NOW is the time to get on the path to vibrant health!

ThyroFlex Test.
The ThyroFlex Test allows a form of thyroid screening that is linked to a computerised reflex test.
We now offer this test in face to face consults and it is performed by stimulating a reflex in your arm, the computer  records the speed of your reflexes and calculates the data to give a result immediately.

thyroid diaThyBalancedAs your thyroid is the gland responsible for the "speed in the body" of all actions and functioning, this includes the speed of your metabolism, digestion, the thinking process and of course reflexes, the speed of your reflexes is the most accurate way to measure thyroid functionality. Routine blood tests can only measure the levels of your hormones present, but this DOES NOT show how well they are working. Its for this reason that a lot of people can be misdiagnosed when they have an under active thyroid. This reflex test is what we call a functional test as it measures how well your hormones are working and will very clearly indicate what is in fact happening.



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