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Secrets you may NOT know about your supplements

A shocking Study
After testing 196 vitamin supplement products taken from “health food” stores, only 5 were found to be both non-toxic and effective. That means 97.5% were toxic, ineffective or both……… reported in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical  Association ( 1999)

Just one example: It is estimated  that 90% of the vitamin/mineral products consumed today contain  a tableting agent called magnesium stearate (Stearic Acid).Stearic Acid has been shown to cause inhibition of T-cell response leading to suppression of immune function.

-  Hidden Toxicity in your Tablet??
Many nutritional supplements now contain highly questionable excipients. Not only toxic ingredients but also ingredients that are simply too old or that have been poorly grown,irradiated,fumigated or contaminated with pesticide/insecticide residues. Even herbal supplements made in the USA, including many organic herbs.

- Hidden Talc in Your Capsules?
Unbelievably almost all manufacturers use 1-2% of talcum powder per capsules ,a suspected human carcinogen in their high speed encapsulators to produce encapsulated products.

- Hidden Binders and Fillers?
In the process of tableting or encapsulating, highly questionable agents such as binders, fillers and flowing agents are the rule. When these tablets or capsules are consumed over time the undesirable chemical agents may bio-accumulate and later create other concerns or absorption problems.

-  Animal Glandular and Digestive Enzymes
Animal based organ and glandular products ( from commercial animals) carry the risk of concentrated residues from whatever the animals was exposed to : antibiotics, parasitic treatments, pesticide and GE foods etc. Animal derived digestive enzymes may also carry the threat of contaminant exposure.

- No they DO NOT always tell  you what’s in it :
Many manufacturers do not list all the ingredients of a product on their label. Flowing agents such as talcum powder, a suspected carcinogen ( cancer causing agent) are used commonly by many other manufacturer’s as  well as  polyvinylpyrrolidone, magnesium stearate( a proven immuno- suppressive  agent) undesirable waxes and other known or suspected carcinogens. It is disappointing to find so many manufacturers that use these unwanted agents in their nutritional products and who also do not always list them on their labels.

THE ANSWER to this widespread problem…………….
PRL …………their  mission is to deliver 100% non toxic  and clinically effective products It has taken the company almost a lifetime to figure how to do this…..but that’s why their  products actually  work and you can feel it……
PRL the first company to design effective nutritionals using  premier grown raw material that are  sourced outside the USA. But that is not enough ,they devised a proprietary 4 Polarity Biofield Test to analyse all nutrients.Their goal is to use exclusively strong 4 polarity nutrient sources in their end products. To accomplish that lofty goal they must gather nutrients from the best sources worldwide, from the deep central forests in India to the wilds of the South American rain forests to the pristine mountaintops of China. Once they have located key nutrients, they package them in rugged HDPE drums with tampered proof locking pins. This preserves their freshness and avoids the routine fumigation at the ports of passage on the way to the USA.Other companies may typically import herbs and foods in flimsy containers and cardboard boxes. One importer told PRL that his products was fumigated 5 times (on average) between India and the USA.

FOR EXAMPLE: PRL uses pure, non animal digestive enzymes which are specially derived from aspergillus. Unlike other aspergillus enzyme sources, however ,PRL enzymes are ultra filtered and then filtered by special Japanese technology,so they are free of fungal residue-a common problem in other enzyme products( outside of USA). If present, these residues can elicit allergic-type reactions.This unique PRL enzyme process uses no heat, which ensures the enzyme are fully biologically active.

In the video below I talk a little more about this in particularly when relating to Vitamin B.

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