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Toxins in your drink bottle?


A potentially deadly toxin is being absorbed into bottled mineral water from their plastic containers. Research reveals the longer the water is stored, the more levels of poison increase. As the sell-by date on many bottled waters is up to two years, scientists have now called for extensive further studies.

A cool drink of water from a plastic bottle may not be as safe as it seems, according to research results that showed that the container may be adding dangerous chemicals to the water.
Filipos Kirkitsou, president of the Ecological Recycling Society, said data shows that the water retains dangerous chemical substances from the plastic.
The procedure speeds up if the water bottle has been left in the sun or has been stored for a long time, he added.
“We know how dangerous PVC plastic is. New research shows that chemical substances also pass from PET plastic to its contents,” says Kirkitsou.
According to recent research, traces of acetone were among the chemicals that had affected the water while bottles exposed to the sun showed traces of carcinogenic and neurotoxic substances.

The world expert Dr William Shotyk of Heidelberg University in Germany - who has vowed never to drink bottled water again - published a research paper in the Royal Society of Chemistry's journal last year that has revived concerns about the safety of bottled water, a billion dollar industry worldwide.

The tests found traces of antimony, a chemical used in the making of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, used by most mineral-water sellers.
Small doses of antimony can make you feel ill and depressed. Larger quantities can cause violent vomiting and even death. The study stressed that amounts of antimony were well below official recommended levels. But it also discovered that the levels almost doubled when the bottles were stored for three months.
Professor Shotyk said: "I don't want to shock people but here's what I know: Antimony is being continuously released into bottled drinking water. The water in PET bottles is contaminated."

He tested ground water and 15 types of bottled mineral water in his native Canada. The ground water contained two parts per trillion (ppt) of antimony. Bottled water had an average 160 ppt of antimony when opened immediately after bottling. But ground water stored in a PET plastic bottle had 630 ppt of antimony when opened six months later.

While these findings have created some controversy and it is unclear as to how much is too much, do we really need to wait until the research is conclusive before we change what we do. Another researcher has commented that not enough was known about the effects of antimony and how much had to be consumed before it became dangerous. Last year naphthalene, which can cause liver damage in high doses, was found in two bottles of Volvic mineral water. Bacteria which could leach into bottled water has been cited as a possible reason for rising levels of food poisoning.

The good news is we can offer a safe healthy alternative. How does this sound?
A light weight high quality stainless steel drink bottle.
Stainless steel is a safe durable, ultra light alternative to plastic and is toxin- free and non leaching.

Bottles are available in a whole range from a Teeny tanka(approximately 350mls) designed for small hands, standard size (800mls), and SUPA tanka (nearly 1.2 litres).
Sports drinking caps, loop caps and flat caps are available as optional separates, so you can purchase additional caps to interchange at your convenience.
ECO Tanka bottles will hold hot or cold drinks. Natural insulating burlap covers are available as an optional accessory to keep your drink ice cold or warm!
The bottle could be placed on a fire or stove to re-heat.
So, if you enjoy your water and would like to ensure your purified or filtered H20 stays as nature intended, you know how to contact us to find out more. The water seems to taste extra special drinking from these bottles!

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