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Electro-Stress is a fact of modern life.
NeuronsWhat many don't realise is the simple fact that our body is a very sophisticated and sensitive electrical device. As such the overall functioning of our body and our health may be influenced by all manner of external electrical energies, things we are exposed to in our daily lives.

Electro-Stress can come from:
  • Computers
  • WIFI
  • Mobile Phones
  • Smart Meters
  • Wiring in the home/office
  • Electrical apparatus eg:alarm clocks, electric blankets, battery chargers etc
  • High Voltage Transmission lines
  • Cordless products like wireless keyboards, phones etc..etc

These are only a few of the common sources that many of us are exposed to everyday. To think this type of "stress" is not having an effect is rather naive, there are thousands of studies that have been done over many years that continue to show this is an issue we should take more note of.
The good news is that we now have  products available that will assist in minimising the negative impact Electro-Stress may have on our overall well-being.

There is overwhelming evidence suggesting that electromagnetic fields (or EMF's) emitted by all electronic or wireless devices can and do have very significant biological consequences that are detrimental to our health. However, most of us are unaware of the gradually escalating health effects of EMF's. Invisible EMF Radiation flies "under the radar" of our bodies early warning symptoms- the physical senses that alert us to environmental health risks. We cant see, feel or hear the thousands of EMF frequencies that are continuously bombarding every cell in our body.
Andrew Weil, M.D. noted lecturer and best selling , highly respected author of Spontaneous Healing and Eight weeks to Optimum health is one of many health care professionals that are raising the EMF alarm........ "Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible."

There are a number of products available that may offer protection from EMF's, these include simple products such as Q Discs for modern smart phones, simple and yet very effective when applied correctly to various devices.

The Blushield range is one that I have come to trust over the years. The team at Blushield have been continuously developing and refining their product for more than 25 years, I have been using and recommending the Blushield products for many years because I continue to see the benefits for many of our customers.
Its all about results, and the Blushield offers up to date technology in an affordable package that means you no longer have to put up with any symptoms associated with electrostress or EMF's.

The Solution:
Blushield(for those of you familiar with this product you will notice that the brand has had a major development recently and the new units are now using what we call "Tesla" technology)

A simple yet elegant solution to this high tech problem is to introduce something the body responds to positively. This type of Active Protection Technology is used by Blushield.
As a tuning fork when struck resonates and vibrates so too does another tuning fork when we bring the vibrating one close enough within range of it. This is called sympathetic resonance. In effect this is how the Blushield works.  A coherent field is produced and when it is placed within our local environment, as long as all the right attributes are there the body will in turn become more coherent (in balance).

When there is coherence in the body as a result of our position within the Blushields range, the whole body system responds positively by resonating at a cellular level.
  •     more energy
  •     less fatigue
  •     more balance
  •     increased stamina
  •     more strength
  •     less stress
  •     better mood
  •     sounder sleep
  •     less irritable
  •     more relaxed

Most people experience positive improvements, some even report the symptoms they used to have lessen or completely disappear.
The body responds to the Blushield automatically. The body does this because of several factors.
  • It is a naturally occurring frequency, earth resonance.
  • Blushield emits a resonance that is familiar to our cells; we have evolved over eons with it.
  • Blushield generates a rhythm that is in tune to our body clock, and switched at natural rhythmic rates.
  • Blushield is mimicking what already occurs in nature only amplifying the effects.
  • Blushield’s electrical field overrides all ambient EMF fields, including wireless radiation.
  • Blushield has an on to off ratio that is in tune with all living cells.
  • The waveform is engineered to receive maximum response from your body.
  • The Blushield technology works with animals and plants too; this discounts any possible placebo effect.
  • You may experience some tiredness or detox symptoms when first using the Blushield. Persist as this is a transient condition. Some cells are woken up and begin to function normally again, as they may have previously been in shutdown mode.
  • Blushield over rides the radio frequency as your body will naturally select the electric field that it recognises.
  • Blushield is an active device not unlike passive pendants or stickers claiming to protect you, it is impossible to change or convert the waveform to be safe.

What EMF Protection Device is suitable for me?

How do I know what EMF Blushield to select?

With recent changes and simplification of the range it is now easier than ever to choose which Blushield device is best for your situation.

The standard portable model(white) is for use outside your plugin protected area and is not intended for use inside your home or office as a substitute for the plugin or larger models as it does not offer the same level of protection.

The wireless charge portable model is designed for short outings or travel between protected zones in order to keep one balanced and protected without experiencing the contrast associated with going from one protected zone to another. 

The Tesla Gold Series Plugin is recommended for many homes and small offices where exposure to EMF is moderate to high. One plugin per floor or depending on the area of coverage 45m in every direction.

The Cube is recommended for a home or Office with very high EMF. Homes or Offices within 1km or line of sight of a cell phone tower, smart meters or a large number of Wi-Fi routers. One cube is recommended for each floor for high rise apartments, workplace, and schools. Coverage of 90m in all directions.

The Tesla Gold Series Ultra model can be used to protect you wherever there is high powered microwave radiation. This may be emitted from cell phone tower antenna masts (within 100-250m) or nearby smart meter grids. This is ideal for commercial office spaces, factories, and hospitals. For schools, the Cube is recommended.
Tesla Gold Series Ultra is at least 2 times stronger than the Cube. It is recommended for use where high powered microwave radiation pervades the local vicinity.

Product Comparisons 
Portable Products
MODEL                                          VOLTAGE                Protection Level              COVERAGE               CASE

Tesla Gold Series Portable        Rechargeable/USB                Medium**                 9 Metre Sphere         White Plastic
Wireless Charge   Portable       Rechargeable/Dock          Extra Hi/Extreme**         9 Metre Sphere            Black ABS

Plug-In Products
MODEL                                POWER SOURCE             Protection Level                 COVERAGE               CASE
Tesla Gold Series                Plug-In Mains Power                  High**                      90 Metre Sphere      ABS (Black)
Tesla Gold Series Cube      Mains 12v Power Adapter   Extra Hi/Extreme**          180 Metre Sphere      Alloy(Silver)
Tesla Gold Series Ultra       Mains 12v Power Adapter   Extra Hi/Extreme**          180 Metre Sphere      Alloy(Silver)

* Please note; Tesla Gold products, which have a high strength field, are not recommended for the elderly or pregnant women. This is due to the possible side effects experienced during the detox process. The detox process is not harmful.


teslaGoldJust when we all thought there couldn’t be any better protection, Blushield releases the TESLA GOLD SERIES which leaves all previous models behind when it comes to HIGH POWERED PROTECTION. Blushield TESLA GOLD SERIES uses a new multi-wave scalar output and offers leading edge protection when it comes to Smart Meters and 4G/5G mobile phone protection. If you find yourself in a Smart Meter zone or living within 1km from a 4G/5G cell phone tower then this is the model for you.

If you are EHS and have a Smart Meter then use Tesla Gold Series Plug-in, it offers excellent protection and will keep you balanced and energetic.

Remember if you are using a Tesla Gold Plug-in model at home be sure to use the Tesla Gold Portable when going out.

The TESLA GOLD SERIES also features a Tesla Gold Series CUBE model. This is designed for bigger houses or where heavy duty protection is required. Especially if you live within 1km from a 4G or 5G mast or you are surrounded by Smart Meters on all sides.

The most powerful product, the Tesla Gold Series Ultra is ideal for any commercial building - the ultimate protection for the highest levels of microwave radiation and manmade EMF's.


PowerBluetoothWi-FiGPS3G4GSmart Meter


Am I Hypersensitive to EMF?
It is our experience that if you suffer from colds and flu often and have allergies, hay fever or asthma. Have allergic reactions to dust, pollen and pollution and also if you suffer from any food allergies like gluten, dairy, nuts etc, you are more than likely going to be electrically hypersensitive.

A hypersensitive individual may exhibit some or all of these symptoms when using a computer:
  •     fatigue
  •     sleeplessness
  •     dry eyes
  •     burning skin sensation on face
  •     depression
  •     dizziness
  •     tremors
  •     weakness
  •     nausea

Battery Life & Performance
We offer different products that use different batteries and different life spans. Heavy impact handling and Higher temperatures will shorten battery life. The rechargeable portables will operate from 3 weeks to 3 months between recharge - depending on use.

Leaving your product exposed to the hot sun or in a car window for extended periods will drastically shorten the life of your battery. Any rough treatment such as dropping the product may also cause battery damage or render it useless.

We can only guarantee any batteries in our products for 3 months against any manufacturing defects. Purchasing a portable model with a switch will reduce battery consumption therefore the battery should last longer.

** Tesla Gold products have an extra high field strength, these can be used safely with elderly or children, there maybe some detox effect, metallic taste in mouth, dry cough etc, but this is only transient. We don’t recommend this for pregnant women unless they have been exposed to the field since before pregnancy started.

The information and product descriptions appearing on this website are for information purposes only, and are not intended to provide medical advice to individuals. Consult with your physician if you have any health concerns, and before initiating any new diet, exercise, supplement, or other lifestyle changes.

This product range is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Maximum Wellbeing Bio-Energetic Max Disc - twin pac

Maximum Wellbeing Bio-Energetic Max Disc - twin pac

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Maximum Wellbeing Bio-Energetic Max Disc - twin pac

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Q Disc 3.0 Cell Phone Harmoniser

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Q Disc - The ultimate in modern Cell Phone Chips

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Tektite-enhance your energy and improve overall balance.

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