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Designs for Health Whole Body Collagen Powder
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Designs for Health Whole Body Collagen Powder

Designs for Health Whole Body Collagen 375 gram Powder

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Collagen is crucial for mobile joints, stable bones, healthy muscles, strong ligaments and tendons, skin, hair and healthy finger nails. It is one of the primary structural proteins of connective tissue.

Hydrolysed Collagen. Collagen accounts for as much as 30% of the body’s total protein, especially connective tissue. The amino acid and peptide compositions of dietary collagens are very similar to those in human collagens, making dietary collagen peptides ideal for supporting body collagen turnover and renewal.

Collagen TypesBENEFITS:
• Supports bone and cartilage strength
• Improves appearance of skin
• Improve tendon strength and elasticity
• Reduces fracture risk
• Accelerates fracture healing
• Support healing of stomach ulcerations

Whole Body Collagen is a combination of three highly bioavailable variations of collagen peptides that allows this unique product to be used for the different types of tissue throughout the entire body.
It includes:
Fortibone® Clinical, pre-clinical and in vitro research is accumulating to support the benefits of collagen peptides for bone health.
Based on evidence, supplementation with Fortibone® demonstrates the potential to improve both essential components of bone – the minerals and the organic content, with emphasis on the collagen related matrix. Both of these aspects of one quality contribute to the demonstrated reduction of fracture rate.

Fortigel® Fortigel® collagen peptide blend has been shown to improve collagen production in joints, resulting in improved cartilage structure (increased glycosaminoglycans content as evidenced by MRI and joint space by X-ray), reduced osteoarthritis symptoms (pain, stiffness), improved joint function, reduced post-exercise joint pain in young athletes and improved ankle stability.

Verisol® Verisol® collagen peptide blend has been shown to upregulate synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans in the dermal layer of facial skin, resulting in reduced wrinkles, improved skin elasticity and hydration. Verisol® has also demonstrated the ability to improve cellulite appearance by increasing dermal thickness and elasticity.

Directions for use
Add one scoop of Whole Body Collagen to water. Consume once per day or as directed.

Pack size: 375 grams

Serving size: 12.5 grams

Active ingredients per serve:
Collagen peptides (hydrolysed collagen) Per serve         Per 100g
Energy                                              189kJ (45 kcal)       1,513kJ (361 kcal)
Protein                                                        11.3g                  90g
VERISOL®                                                   2.5g
FORTIBONE ®                                                5g
FORTIGEL ®                                                   5g
Fat                                                                    0g                   0g
     Saturated fat                                               0g                   0g
Carbohydrate                                                   0g                   0g
sugar                                                                0g                   0g
Sodium (mg)                                                 82.5mg            660mg

Typical Amino Acid Composition of GELITA Collagen Peptides (Hydrolysate) . g/100g**
                               Alanine                                                                                   8.6
                               Arginine                                                                                  7.3
                               Aspartic Acid                                                                          5.8
                               Glutamic Acid                                                                      10.20
                               Glycine                                                                                22.20
                               Histidine                                                                                1.0
                               Hydroxyproline                                                                    11.90
                               Isoleucine                                                                              1.4
                               Leucine                                                                                  2.7
                               Methionine                                                                            0.9
                               Phenylalanine                                                                       2.1
                               Proline                                                                                  12.7
                               Serine                                                                                    3.2
                               Threonine                                                                              1.8
                               Lysine                                                                                    3.6
                               Hydroxylysine                                                                        1.6
                               Tyrosine                                                                                 0.8
                               Valine                                                                                     2.4

GELITA® Clinically-Proven Collagen Peptides Collagen peptides are short-chain protein building blocks produced by hydrolysis of native collagen. Independent from their molecular weight, the bioavailable collagen fibre peptides are rapidly absorbed by the body. GELITA® Collagen Peptides have an amino acid and nutritional profile that are free from fat, sugar, cholesterol, purines and additives and offer a wide spectrum to be used in food applications, either in solid or liquid form. Even when tested for degradation in cooking, the GELITA® collagen peptides were found to be stable.


The information and product descriptions appearing on this website are for information purposes only, and are not intended to provide medical advice to individuals. Consult with your physician if you have any health concerns, and before initiating any new diet, exercise, supplement, or other lifestyle changes.

This product range is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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