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Nutritionism, by Cyndi O'Meara

I recently had the good fortune to meet Cyndi and listen to her presentation.
An inspiring speaker with an important message, below is the first paragraph from her talk, you can click on the link to download the complete PDF relating to what she terms "nutritionism", hope you find it interesting.

Nutritionism: The Wrong Way to Health

© Cyndi O’Meara 2008

Has the world gone mad? I find it amazing that when people look at the
ingredients and nutrition label of a packaged food they are more engrossed in the nutrition label than the actual food content. When I ask people what they look for when they read the label of the food they are buying they tell me they look for the saturated fat content, or the amount of salt, or whether there is enough protein, or what the fat and sugar content is, and even the vitamins and minerals, as is the case with milk and calcium. Very few are interested in the actual ingredients. Modern thinking finds that a food is OK as long as the nutrition label and the components of food are in the right amounts as deemed by the scientific community and taught to the public by propaganda and advertising.

Cyndi O'Meara Changing Habits Changing Lives

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