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Catalysts for your health.

For some the thought of abundant energy and feeling full of life may be a far away memory.
Conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrom, cardiovascular disease, endocrine imbalances are often the direct result of a disturbance in the intracellular metabolism. This disturbance is a major drain on energy supplies and is often caused by viruses, toxins or nutrient deficiency states.

In these cases a catalyst is often required to help speed up various processes in the body to allow for the production of new cell life.
Catalysts in the form of biological potentised combinations can be particularly helpful and a combination of two of these sold as a "Metabolic Kit" is available for situations where either through the side effects of pharmaceuticals or the presence of toxins, deficiencies or other factors, damage to normal enzyme function at the cell level has occured.
This enzyme damage is commonly seen in chronic and degenerative diseases. Heel Metabolic Kit

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