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Easy weight loss tips, easy to get out of the habit!

WEIGHT loss is something many of us need to face, but how?

For any of us to shed a few kilos or take on massive weight loss there are certain "must do's" but it can be surprisingly easy, just don't over do things!

While you will need some type of commitment, the actual task doesn’t really need to take a great deal of time.
There have been many studies performed and the consensus is that even just 5 hours of exercise a week will make a difference and is probably what is required to keep the weight of.

Exercise along with the appropriate food choices will need to be a part of a healthier you as you move into your future.

A study recently highlighted the importance of keeping the exercise up. In this study, there was a direct correlation between the energy expenditure - which is often highest when one begins a “programme”- and a decline in weight lost over time which was directly proportional to a drop off in the amount of energy expended through exercise, those in the study has the greatest weight loss when they were doing more exercise at the beginning of their weight loss programmes.

As I am sure you have heard, the key is to start out at a pace that can and will be sustained, this will help to overcome the well known Yoyo effect.

Here are some tips that may be helpful:
  • Keep a daily food dairy. Simply record the amounts and types of foods eaten and it could be an idea to note various situations in which you eat. This may help create an awareness of the particular circumstances that lead you to eating unhealthy foods and overeating. Once you can see in black and white what the situation is you have the opportunity to make changes that will encourage your desired weight loss and improved eating habits.
  • Control portions, this is especially important with fatty or starchy foods. Eating an equivalent amount(or even more!) of vegetables will mean less calories. Filling up on vegetables and fruit instead of starchy carbohydrates will naturally reduce your calorie intake.
  • Eat slowly - we have all heard it, and this is so important in many ways. One reason is so that the links between your stomach and brain can get the correct messages, eg; “I feel full so I will stop eating now”.
  • Keep an exercise journal that shows your goals and with this your successes and challenges along the way.
  • Take advice from professionals and get regular support from either a trainer or weight management specialist to help keep you on track - you don’t have to do it on your own and there are some quite amazing supplements available that certainly can help you reach your targets.

The right type of foods, in the appropriate proportions, regular exercise and support are all important aspects of getting on the path to vibrant health.

Archives of Internal Medicine 2008;168:1550-9

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