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Emotional Release Therapy

Emotional Release Therapy


A full emotional release session may take you through a variety of techniques, and this will be determined intuitively on the day. When working to release emotions, we must stay at the appropriate pace for the body and we will get signs when your body has done enough for it to be able to carry on and process the "new you". For this reason we suggest a session may be typically anything from 30 to 60 minutes.

The tools used in session are variations of a collection the following - Emotion Code, EFT, ERT and Sedona Method and more.

Emotion CodeTM
A very effective, simple method created by Dr Bradley Nelson that allows for fast access to key emotions.
Identifying trapped emotions and emotions that may be trapped into your heart are keys parts of this process.

Emotional Freedom TechniqueTM
EFT™ is a simple procedure that utilises tapping and pressure applied to various acupuncture points - referred to by some as "needleless acupuncture". It is an excellent tool that can be used to improve virtually any problem, physical or emotional.

This simple process has been found to be invaluable, particularly where there may be an emotional blockage that is holding back progress.

This technique can be learnt quickly in a single session and gives the customer a tool they will have to use freely at any time during their life, it really is a gift that can open so many doors to improved well being.

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