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The workings of the body are complicated and intricately balanced to produce that which is you. Homoeostasis is a term used when describing a balanced system, when we move outside of homoeostasis and lose balance our body attempts to maintain balance applying a wide range of minute changes that we are often not aware of.
The important thing to remember is that as long as we offer the correct support the body will be able to overcome an imbalance and return to homoeostasis.

You have made a commitment to have a consultation with Maximum Wellbeing, if you have made this appointment due to your system being out of balance and you have a desire to regain wellness you need to be aware of the following laws and principles involved in true healing.

Stage 1: This is where dietary changes are made and natural/herbal or homoeopathic formulas may be recommended. These changes may quite quickly give relief from certain symptoms and you may feel that some progress is being made while you actively reduce the burden on your body.

Stage 2: During this stage you may go through periods of both good and bad, in fact you may begin to feel worse at times, it is possible you could experience cold or flu like symptoms, aches and pains of old may return possibly as severe as they were before you begun the programme. Toxins are beginning to move from tissue it has been locked into and are circulating through the elimination channels, which are beginning to function again. The healing is taking place from the inside to the outside.
It is important at this stage to continue on, talk to us if you need to, be easy on your self and be supportive of your body’s masterful attempt at healing the things that poor management had caused in the first case.
Ensure you drink plenty of pure water and if you feel lousy don’t deny it and try not to suppress anything with the use of drugs.

Stage 3: This is a period of small changes, with even some minor setbacks; the body is making final adjustments as it moves into wellness and optimum health. Often the subtle things won’t be apparent until you look back and realise you are able to experience things differently.
Balance or homoeostasis has once again been achieved. Well done!


A state of chronic dysfunction will need a minimum of 3 months to heal. While your symptoms may begin to ease earlier than this, to gain lasting wellness you must continue to ensure the improvements take place on a cellular level.

It takes 5 to 7 times the normal amount of energy and nutrition to build and repair as it does to maintain. Along with the elimination of junk food, sugars, caffeine and alcohol, the body must be supplied with an abundance of minerals-total saturation is required. Along with 3 quality meals per day, Green Barley and ionic minerals are your best choice to feed the body what it needs.

Be consistent with your programme. Although you may be feeling better within a relatively short period it is critical you continue. It may have taken a number of years, even a lifetime to get this way, if you haven’t stuck with it for at least 90 days, you haven’t given it a fair go, you have wasted your money and our time.

Surround yourself with positive thoughts. Avoid negative thoughts and importantly, negative people. Many people will not understand the processes you are going through and while they may attempt to support you, poor understanding and misplaced negative comments will feed any doubts that may be in you mind. In this instance it would be of more value to be alone. Read good books, listen to uplifting music, and gain a deeper understanding of the process you are experiencing. In your heart you will know you are doing the right thing and wellness will follow.

Don’t hesitate to report any changes of health. Discontinue any programme you are not willing to take full responsibility for, this includes cleansing or healing reactions. We are able to assist in many ways but we are not able to work with anyone who cannot take responsibility for their own health.

As a commitment to yourself, please print this page and sign below to confirm you have read and understood this information.



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