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House and Office Blessings

Home and Office Blessings

Why would you have your house or office blessed?
  • Are you trying to sell your home?
  • Do you have dis-harmony in your home/office?
  • Are people in your home/office unwell on a regular basis?
  • Does your home/office just not feel comfortable, something is not right but you can not pin point what it is?
  • Are you moving into a new home/work premises?
  • Have you had a family member who has recently passed over?
  • Are people in your home having trouble sleeping?
These are examples of when it may be highly beneficial to have your  space blessed.

Sometimes when there is dis-harmony in your home/office space, there could be more to it than you can see. Depending on where you are situated there could be spirits that are creating havoc.  They may not mean to cause any problems, but they are lost between here and heaven if you like.  Sometimes when people pass over quickly i.e an accident or suicide they may not realise that they have passed over and all they are trying to do is get someones attention, or find a way to the light. They also may know that they have passed over but still have unfinished business i.e. They may need to love or forgive themselves or someone else.  They may need to communicate something to someone who is still living to feel complete and then be ready to go to the light. 

So there is no confusion, people who have passed over and gone to the light, I will refer to as spirit.  People who have passed over and become lost, I will refer to as entities.  

If you are trying to sell your home and it is not selling it could be that you have some guests or entities that like things they way they are and don't want things to change.  By having it blessed, it can show them the way to the light, or help them become complete so they can go and it also removes old emotions from the home (this could be from previous owners or it could be with the land) so that you can then get on with things and sell your home - if that is the only thing standing in the way of it selling.  (there could be other things like one member of the family being attached to it and not wanting it to sell, or not being clear on where you really wish to be).

Some places have quite heavy energy for example; Rotorua has been a site for a lot of war and dis-harmony over the years.  For example: when a house site is dug out, old burial grounds that we are not even aware of, may have been disturbed therefore disturbing the spirits that lay there. I myself have had a very powerful personal experience with this in Rotorua, at the time it caused some massive problems.
We have to be more aware every step of the way of what we are doing as a society to make sure the correct protocols are adhered to.  The main one being respect for the land and people that may have gone before us.  So if you are contemplating building a home then it pays to have someone check it and bless it, to say a Karakia (prayer) before building is started which helps to ensure that everyone who takes part in the building process is kept safe and on completion to have it blessed to remove all emotions from the many people who may have worked on the project.  

If you are moving into a new home always have it blessed before or as you first move into. This will remove emotions/entities that belong to the people before you or before them.  Making sure it is cleansed before you move in will help to create the home you deserve.  If you have already moved in and there are areas that you are just not comfortable in or all of a sudden there is conflict where there hasn't been before, or something is just not quite right then having it blessed can make sure there are no entities getting in between you or causing havoc.

If children start to trip/slip, become clumsy or have a personality shift, an entity may have attached to them that is causing this. (another way to get attention) I have seen this happen at times with children I know.  Children are far more sensitive than adults, and can be a good indicator if something is not right.  They may have trouble sleeping, wake up with nightmares.  May be hearing voices.  Children can see and hear from birth at times but it can be hard for them to explain it, as for them this is normal.  You hear of children who have make believe or invisible friends.  I believe these friends to be real and it may be that the child is talking to someone that they know who is passed over.  i.e a grandparent or an entity child.

If there is something you need to discuss please make contact with me, my role is to assist you.
Thanks for your trust
Andy Pentecost.

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