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Skin Essentials Pack, Purifying
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Skin Essentials Pack, Purifying

Skin Essentials Pack - Purifying

Pure certified organic "food" for oily/problem skin types. Your skin will love you for it!

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Skin Essentials Pack – Purifying: The three main products you need in the Purifying Range to start your organic beauty routine. The Skin Essentials Pack contains the cleanser, skin conditioner and moisturiser. With this one pack you are well on your way to having skin that radiates health and well being.

The three main products you need in the Purifying Range to start your organic beauty routine.

1] Cleanse: Gently press the face with a warm, soft cloth to soften and prepare the skin for cleansing. Massage one or two pumps of cleanser into your face and neck. Remove with a damp cloth and plenty of water. If wearing make-up, a second cleanse is necessary.
2] Conditioning: On clean moist skin, massage 2 to 3 pumps of conditioner gently onto face, throat and decolletage.
3] Moisturise: Apply one to two pumps of your moisturiser to the palm of your hand then pat and press gently onto your face, throat and decolletage.

Twice daily (am/pm

The Skin essentials are also available in a convenient travel size, great for the overnight bag, pack or sports bag.

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