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Miessence certified organic products

Miessence products are unique and recognised as the worlds first full range of independently certified organic personal care products manufactured to rigid international food standards. You will find nothing more pure and beneficial in so many ways.

Miessence Skin Profiles:
Miessence products are designed around four different skin profiles.
You may find you'll want to mix-and-match different products from different profiles to perfectly suit your skin, this is OK to do if required.

Stimulating to maintain a refined and supple complexion

Normal/Combination Profile
• even skin tone
• fine to average pore size
• some enlarged pores
• some T-zone oiliness
• occasional breakouts
• some blackheads

Rich and Revitalising the complexion for radiant skin

Dry/Mature Profile
• loss of elasticity
• varying pore size
• some dry patches
• no sheen/dull complexion
• can feel tight and dry
• may have surface capillaries

Specifically formulated for problem skin, Clarifies and purifies the complexion

Oily/Problem Profile
• oily sheen
• breakouts/blemishes
• congestion/clogging
• open pores
• blackheads
• redness

Very gentle, Helps skin feel soothed and softened

Sensitive Profile
• may have surface capillaries
• can feel irritated, itchy and hot
• can appear blotchy
• may have flaky patches
• allergic reactions common
• flushed and red easily

To browse the FULL Miessence range click here and you will be taken to our dedicated ONE Group website for secure online credit card ordering.
All customers purchasing through our ONEGroup website will be eligible for discounts with all subsequent re-orders and orders over NZ$100 will be sent freight free. If you would like to know how this works please contact us.
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Skin Essentials Pack, Rejuvenating

Skin Essentials Pack, Rejuvenating

SKU : 00987

Skin Essentials Pack - Rejuvenating Cleanser, Conditioner and Moisturiser

NZ $159.30
Skin Essentials Pack, Soothing

Skin Essentials Pack, Soothing

SKU : 00991

Skin Essentials Pack - Soothing Cleanser, Conditioner and Moisturiser

NZ $159.30
Skin Essentials Pack, Purifying

Skin Essentials Pack, Purifying

SKU : 00989

Skin Essentials Pack - Purifying Cleanser, Conditioner and Moisturiser

NZ $147.10
Mint Toothpaste

Mint Toothpaste

SKU : 00916

Miessence Mint Toothpaste

NZ $15.60
Currently unavailable, sorry for any inconvenience
Freshening Mouth Wash

Freshening Mouth Wash

SKU : 00917

Miessence Freshening Mouthwash

NZ $26.35
Breath Fresh Spray

Breath Fresh Spray

SKU : 00926

Breath Fresh Spray. A refreshing alcohol-free natural mouthwash

NZ $9.60
Shaving Gel

Shaving Gel

SKU : 00970

Shaving Gel

NZ $29.35
After Shave Balm 100ml

After Shave Balm 100ml

SKU : 00971

After Shave Balm 100ml

NZ $43.85
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