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Elite Ion-Power Electrolyte Liquid Large
NZ $37.22


Elite Ion-Power Electrolyte Liquid Large

Elite Electrolytes, ion-power electrolyte concentrate. 240ml

ELITE Ion-power is the only electrolyte in its class athletes can add to their hydration system or water bottle that allows them to replace all of the electrolytes they lose during activity while maintaining complete control over the amount of carbohydrates they consume.

PG Seal2.gifMembers of the golfing organisation Partners Club tested Elete Electrolyte to gauge its effectiveness on hydration, performance, muscle function and heat tolerance under a variety of conditions. Club members awarded Elete the coveted PGA Tour Partners Club Member Tested Seal of Approval. According to PGA Tour Partners, the best feature was effectiveness - yes it does work!

Indications for use:
ELITE provides the highest quality electrolyte product that delivers optimal hydration. Whether the consumer is a hardcore endurance athlete or someone who just wants to ensure they are providing their body with the necessary elements for good health, ELITE is the superior choice for instant hydration, superior performance, and quick recovery.

Elite is an Electrolyte Liquid without Carbohydrates and is very economical. 7 drops per 100mls of Water or 2.5ml per Litre. This one bottle will convert 96 litres into high quality super hydration. Always read the label. Use only as directed.

We find that the best results come from using both the CMD mineral liquid and Elite electrolytes together, they work synergistically and the difference for most is noticeable.

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