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Water Purification System

esuwaaiheader2.jpgThe addition if the Esuwaai water treatment system to our range has come about due to the problems we continue to see with poor health and poor water quality going hand in hand for many people we see.

Here is a great system that can be setup without plumbing costs and produces great quality drinking water for the whole family.

  1. Did you know that at birth babies are 90% water?
  2. Did you know a healthy adult is 70% or more water?
  3. Do you realise that we can live for days or even weeks without food but we cannot live long without water?
  4. Did you know that all chemical processes within the body require water?
  • Are you drinking adequate water?
  • Are you drinking healthy water?
  • Is your drinking water safe?
If the answer to any of these questions is no then we suggest you invest in your own home supply using the Esuwaai Water System, superior drinking water without the huge price tag.
ESUWAAI Benchtop water purifier

ESUWAAI Benchtop water purifier

SKU : 01022

Benchtop Water Treatment system

NZ $213.04

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