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Balanced Energy Emerging Spirit - see the truth
NZ $38.26


Balanced Energy Emerging Spirit - see the truth

Emerging Spirit - see the truth

3. Wood- Emerging Spirit

See the truth

Benefits Summary:
Element of Wood, divine masculine, decisiveness, patience, kindness and a sense of timing, having a strong sense of one’s path.

Emerging Sprirt

Wood is a strange mixture of patience and perseverance, assertiveness and decisiveness.

Wood is the element which brings assertiveness, decisiveness and movement and clears away anger.

WOOD is seen as a Green Dragon. The Dragon is a symbol of power, eternity, spirit, strength and growth. Depicted with a young face, glasses and beard he symbolizes both eternal youth and wisdom.

  • Colour – emerald green
  • Direction- East
  • Dynamic energy- blood
  • Fluids- tears
  • Nature – growth, flourish
  • Orifices- eyes
  • Perverse climate- wind
  • Psychic- soul (Hun)
  • Season- Spring
  • Senses- sight
  • Smell- rancid
  • Sound- shouting
  • Symptoms – nails
  • System- sinews
  • Taste- sour/acid
  • Tissues – tendon
  • Yin organ- Liver 1am – 3am
  • Yang organ – Gall Bladder 11pm – 1am


The Balanced Energy of Wood is expansion, growth and movement. The balanced wood type always sees a challenge as an adventure and enjoys pushing themselves to their limits whilst performing well under pressure. Confident and creative they also possess great humility and can “grow” patiently around any obstacle to reach the “light” or the object of their dreams. They are decisive and know exactly when to make a move and when to hold back.


Aggressive and bullying the excess Wood type is arrogant and pretentious. Their compulsive behaviour pushes anyone or anything out of their way with no sensitivity for anyone else’s needs. As a know-it-all they refuse to listen to what anyone else has to say. Too busy to recuperate when ill, there is no sense of when to move forward and when to wait. They tend to be domineering, irritable and prone to violent outbursts.

Indecisive and ineffectual this type has usually exhausted regenerated reserves after a long period of excessive behaviour. Becoming dependant on things with no stability and stimulants to keep going, deficient wood energy leads to a blocked state of despondency, anxiety and restlessness. Low self worth, guilt and shame lead to a downward spiral.

The organs associated with Wood are the Liver and Gallbladder.

The Liver is an extremely important organ. It performs many vital functions in the body (more than 500 of them) but the most important role is receiving the nutrients absorbed by the small intestines. It then sorts the good from the bad placing the nourishing substances into the bloodstream for building, while at the same time detecting harmful or bad substances and removing or detoxifying them. This relates to an ability to spot what is good for you in your life and what is bad. If one becomes too focused on the detrimental influences in life this will cause the Liver to become imbalanced. In order to have a healthy Liver one needs to understand or see the truth about how perceived bad influences in life are actually necessary for personal development. How many times have you, or someone else you know, had a “bad” experience which turned out to be a great opportunity for growth or change? Being able to see this as truth helps the Liver to remain healthy.

The Liver takes the bilirubin (red colour) out of old, worn out, red blood cells which is concentrated as bile in the Gallbladder. This bile is then released by the Gallbladder into the duodenum to emulsify fats passing through the digestive tract and enable them to be absorbed. Fats are utilised in the body to assist organs and cells in receiving and accepting their needs.

In Chinese Medicine the Liver is responsible for maintaining balance in the whole body and creating a smooth even flow of Chi and blood throughout. When Liver Chi is stagnant a deep state of anger and frustration ensues.

The Gallbladder is known as the Wise Decision Maker, it knows when to store and when to release bile and is thought to moderate rash behaviour. Impulsiveness points to excess Gallbladder chi whilst indecisiveness is attributed to a deficiency.

These two organs see the truth to make wise decisions.

Muscular tension, cramps and spasm in the head, shoulders, neck, hips, legs, hands, feet.

Sciatica, tendon injuries, headaches, tinnitus, migraines with visual disturbances, emotional P.M.T, digestive disturbances (ulcers, hiatus hernias, heartburn), cysts and cancerous growths, high blood pressure.

Fatigue and lack of energy, fluctuating blood pressure, P.M.S and irregular cycles, insomnia and restless sleep, allergies and oversensitivity to environment, itchy eyes, urethra, anus, blurry vision and sensitivity to light, muscle spasms and twitches such as restless leg syndrome, digestive gas, bloating, hiatus hernia, irritable colon.

The Liver is directly related to the health of the eyes.

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