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Balanced Energy Unity - microcosmic connection
NZ $38.26


Balanced Energy Unity - microcosmic connection

Unity- microcosmic connection

Benefits summary:
Element of Microcosm - unifying and balancing this element relates to all the elements working together in harmony. Dissolves energetic blocks to connecting with the wider, cosmic consciousness.


Unity is ruled by Fire. It ties all the organs together through the Triple Heater, ensuring that everything works in harmony and all energy is the correct heat/coolness through the pericardium. It prevents the body from exploding with energy by ensuring it is moving in the correct direction.

Unity Qualities:
  • Colour - red
  • Direction- South
  • Dynamic energy- psychic
  • Emotion- joy, mania
  • Fluids- sweat
  • Nature –flare up expands
  • Orifices- ear
  • Perverse climate-hot
  • Psychic- spirit (sheen)
  • Season- Summer
  • Senses- tongue, taste
  • Smell- scorched
  • Sound- Laughing, rapid speech
  • Symptoms – complexion
  • Taste- bitterness
  • Tissues –blood vessels
  • Yin organ- Pericardium, 7pm-9pm
  • Yang organ –Triple Heater, 9pm-11pm

Calm, connected, balanced this type lives their life in harmony with all beings, feeling oneness with all and truly understanding what this is. Ease with relationships of all kinds and with being part of the order of things, able to work with others as a unified whole and with universal laws. A deep understanding of the Trinity energy allows for a deep understanding and acceptance of the universal laws.

Overly controlling, angry and frustrated, obsessed with structure

Disharmony, disjointed, disconnected, chaotic, obsessed with uniqueness, hatred and fear of structure

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