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Teeny TANKA supplied with Special Adaptor lid
NZ $19.04


Teeny TANKA supplied with Special Adaptor lid

TeenyTANKA and special adaptor cap.

TeenyTANKA supplied with adaptor to take the toddlers spout. Illustration shows the bottle with an adaptor and the Avent Easy-Sip Toddler Spout(please note, toddlers spout sold separately)

Click here to go view the page for the toddlers spout

Durable & ultralight 350ml.

Eco Tanka is the ultimate drink bottle!

Yes we even have a bottle to suit the the very smallest members in the family. The Teeny Tanka is designed for toddlers and is available with a special adaptor to take a toddlers drinking spout.(Please note that the easy sip spout as in the illustration is sold separately in a pack of 2.)

Important Notice: Please be aware that the sports sipper cap should not be used for children under the age of 3 years as it contains small parts that may present a choking hazard. For children under the age of 3, an Avent easy-sip spout should be used.

Drinks from an Eco Tanka are incredibly clean tasting, with no taints of plastic or previous drinks. Unlike plastic, you can switch from a sports drink or juice back to water and not have any taint from the previous drink! The bottle will not become stained from coloured drinks and do not react with acidic beverages. They remain as pristine as the day they were purchased.

You will never want to taste plastic ever again!

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