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Sports Sipper cap
NZ $3.56
excl GST


Sports Sipper cap

Available as an accessory for your EcoTanka is the sports sipper cap.

This is a hardy, non-leaching polypropylene cap that makes drinking from your Ecotanka very easy, exactly what you would expect on a sports bottle.

The various lids available will fit all sizes of Ecotankas.
Makes drinking from your Stainless steel EcoTanka easy.

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Teeny Tanka with sports lid, 350ml

Teeny Tanka with sports lid, 350ml

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KOOLER Neoprene covers for Sports Tanka

KOOLER Neoprene covers for Sports Tanka

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Kooler neoprene cover BLUE or BLACK

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Colour  Black
 Dark Blue
 Hot Pink
 Peacock Green
 Lime Green
 Gold Clay

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