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How do I know what is right for me?

With so many choices of supplements to take and the huge range of brands how do I know what my body needs and if what I think I need is in fact going to benefit me?
The simple fact is we are all individuals and due to this our needs are very specific to our own body's strengths and weaknesses. What works for one person may not work for the next and the vast range of choices, be it herbs, homeopathy, nutritional products or otherwise can overwhelm even the most educated of us.
This is where experience and familiarity with different brands is helpful to determine what are the good and not so good products and then there is the testing.

At Maximum Wellbeing the most talked about clinical tool is "Albert".
245746_8549_1.jpgThis is the name given to their computerised system and he is in hot demand. Albert runs a test that is similar to that of a "virus scan" on your computer and offers a great insight into what may be happening and why.
By running an analysis and measuring subtle energies and using quantum physics Albert is able to determine what types of things are missing and the best way to overcome any issues that may be resulting in a particular health challenge. The depth of information is often mind blowing and allows for a high degree of accuracy when determining what type of product may be the best for any individual.
Currently not available please contact us if you have any questions

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