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April 2015 Newsletter

Hi friends,

In this issue:
  • 17 Cancer facts.
  • Product highlights from the Website - 
  • Health snippets - From around the world.
  • April Deal.

What is it about April Fools Day? Where did this day originate? Did you know this year could see the biggest ever Spaghetti harvest in Switzerland?
Anyway it seems the origin of this day is rather vague and no one can be sure when it started but despite this, April Fools’ Day is mentioned in literature that dates way, way back to 1392, so don't stress about it and have FUN!!

Ever so slowly the shorter days and longer nights are finding their way, you know its time to get yourself prepared for the inevitable change in the season and "weather proof yourself". What tools do you use to keep yourself fit and healthy?

17 Cancer facts every person needs to know...

If you don’t want to be another statistic, then you’ll want to read this article asap

While we all throw around the term “Cancer” loosely, do we really know what it is and what it means?
Do you actually understand how it occurs and what you can do to prevent it?
Do you want to know who’s at the most risk of being diagnosed with it?

Click here to read the “17 Cancer Facts Every Person Needs To Know” article...

According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

And with Chemotherapy only having a 2.1% success rate for 5 year survivors, it’s imperative that you take action now and learn how to prevent and even treat cancer the right way.

Save your life or the life of someone you love.
Be smart and stay informed.
Don’t become another statistic.

Start here by reading this vitally important article today.

PS. When surveyed, over 90% of oncologists said they wouldn’t take chemo themselves if they were diagnosed.

Find out what they’re doing to prevent it in this article

PPS. Don’t forget to read the comments at the bottom too, powerful stuff that could save your life.

Some of you will recall the Truth About Cancer online event from last year, well its back and already underway but you don't have to miss out.

We feel there is tons of valuable information in the FREE docu-series so please do take advantage of it, if not for yourself then perhaps for some one you know.
So get online and register, its free, and the information could make a difference to someone you love.

Beat Cancer Free Live 11-day Docu-series Event March 30th - April 9th

Product Highlights from
Please have a look on Facebook at our page and do "like" our page - if you like :)

Whats in your Protein Powder?
Complete Protein Powder
With the release of the Miessence BioFermented Protein Powder at the end of last year we have had some interesting comments and as a result some of our customers have taken more notice of what is actually in the protein powder they have been using.

For those of you who don't know, this particular protein powder is vegetable sourced from 3 different raw ingredients and delivers a very high quality amino acid profile.

Narelle Chenery the formulator of Miessence and the person responsible for doing all the product research and development has some interesting comments herself when it comes to what is commonly used.

Below is a link to listen to a recorded session about Artificial flavours and sweeteners - two of the things you will NEVER find in any Miessence product.

The talk is in front of a live audience and Narelle goes into detail about how these artificial sweeteners and flavours are constructed and why they are harmful to your health. You will never look at 'diet' drinks in the same way again!

Click here for the Presentation

Still need more Osteopath or Chiropractor treatments?

massageMany of us do things to our body's that result in a little extra help being required from time to time to get us back in line.
Of course the work of Osteopaths and Chiropractors is invaluable and I have seen the difference and felt the difference myself when my spine is out of alignment or the neck has gone "out", its not much fun and the pain relief from a treatment can immediately transform the pain and how one feels and moves.

A question came up recently and I asked an old Chiropractor colleague of mine what he suggests when things won't stay in place. You probably know the situation - neck goes out, its not real bad so you decide to just carry on but it starts to feel worse, gets tighter and more uncomfortable so a week or 2 weeks later you make the appointment to have it put back in by your preferred "bone cruncher" - and what wonderful relief.

BUT, its not very long and the neck goes out again - same place and the cycle begins.

So what is the answer to getting the muscles and bones to stay in the right place?

Some of you may have guessed already - its minerals to the rescue!

Yes, the mineral formulations that are quite specific for this contain Silicon dioxide, Calcium Fluoride, Potassium Phosphate and Magnesium Phosphate and are from the wonderfully simple but effective Active Elements range of minerals that we use.

These minerals in combination become very powerful and will help relieve nervous tension and stress as well as strengthen bones, ligaments and tendons to ensure the body starts to do what you are wanting it to do.

So if you or someone you know is in this situation I would highly recommend using the combination of Active Elements 2.1 and Active Elements 2.3 at a reasonably high dose to start with(approx 4 tablets of each per day) and take it from there, it really can make a huge difference and comes back to the understanding of very basic physiology - WE NEED MINERALS!

                           active2 1                            active2 3

And here is another little tip - forget the chunky Calcium tablets to help improve your bones(they will likely result in an increased risk of heart disease), the Active Elements 2.1 will do it just fine - again a dose of 4-6 tablets daily will see a dramatic turn around, its so nice to have something so simple and safe to use for this common problem.

What about YouTube?

YouTubeIts YouTube time and this month I found a short video that goes into food additives and in particular the highly developed science thats makes you want to eat more fast food.

I am sure some of you know this stuff but its another way of looking at things that should give us a better understanding about food.         Click Here to watch

Health snippets(International News)

Experts are calling it the silent collapse.
KISSING TURTLES 1 460x230Although very few of us see it, we are causing it -- overfishing, climate change, acidification, and pollution are devastating our oceans and wiping out entire species. It’s not just the annihilation of millennia of wonder and beauty, it impacts our climate and all life on Earth. 

Right now, fishing boats are scraping the ocean floor clean, and over 80% of sea pollution is coming from fertilisers, pesticides, and plastics pouring off land. The reports are dire: in less than 50 years, our oceans could be completely fished-out. In 100 years, all coral reefs might be dead.

If this is something you would like to help change there is an organisation that is trying to do the right thing and get into the heads of those decision makers who can make positive change.

Click Here to find out more


DEALS of the MONTH:  
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Active Elements 2.1
Active Elements 2.3

Yours in good health
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Andy Pentecost, Natural Therapist/Healer and Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer

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