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Hi Everyone,

In this issue:
  • What can you do to prevent disease?
  • Product highlights from the Website - 
  • Health snippets - from around the world.
  • March Deal.

Easter has been and gone along with all those Easter treats, the financial year has just finished(for some of us)again and where is this leading us? Its ramble time......

Back to the basics.
Back to the basics ........ for me and the work I do this means working with people in health maintenance and importantly - disease PREVENTION. The truth is that there is plenty of opportunity for us to avoid taking responsibility for ourselves and blaming someone else or something else on our unfortunate circumstances. Becoming another statistic is easy, and becoming reliant on our (flawed) health system is not high on the prevention ladder. Most tests are designed to find something and if that something is in fact found that could be a good thing, it may be a lucky break or it may be an educated guess that lead to having the test in the first place, but there is no denying this is not prevention - this is detection and in some cases early detection - but it is NOT prevention.

Prevention is doing and being proactive to stop something happening in the first place and that takes more effort and more commitment from YOU!

How high is your personal risk of getting cancer? This 42 Second Quiz Reveals Your Cancer Risk Level...

Most people have just a fuzzy picture (at best) of what their personal risk of getting cancer really is. This powerful quiz will give you a much clearer picture... and it takes only 42 seconds!

TTAC Preventing-937

Even better, you'll find out how to best prevent cancer based on your results.

Now I know every time you hear about cancer on the TV or Internet, it seems like all “gloom and doom.”
And it will never be anyone's favourite topic of conversation. But what you may be SURPRISED to discover after you take this 42 second quiz is there are now many (non-drug, non-surgery) advances in fighting and preventing cancer.

You'll want to know about them, if you have been with us for a while you may know some of these already but if you are new to our newsletter you probably haven't heard of most of them yet, but the bottom line as you'll see is...

You can prevent cancer.
(And you can defeat it if you have it.)

It starts with discovering your current cancer risk level, so take this important quiz right now. It may just be the best 42 seconds you spend all year.

Here is the link - CLICK HERE FOR THE QUIZ

As usual, please don't forget to SHARE this email with your family and friends so they discover this important info too.

P.S. This short quiz is a real eye-opener to what’s really putting you at risk for cancer, take it and find out now!

Whats happening?

TTAC Play Now
Its an online event, its something that can save lives - maybe yours or someone yo
u love - and best of all - ITS FREE!

If you have been with us for some time you may have seen this last year, if you missed any episodes here is an opportunity to pick up those important health tips that you might have missed and make a positive difference in your life.

If you are new here - then believe me when I tell you this Documentary Series could be a genuine eye opener.

The series will be live from April 12th and you won't want to miss an episode. Get in and watch the trailer, do the quiz and register so you can join in for FREE.

Product Highlights from

80:20 ChartIf you are scrolling around our website you may have noticed a couple of new products. 

We have now made available some very helpful Charts. Three in all, with one of them an old favourite that has been around for many years and is a colourful, insightful reference to maintaining our Acid/Alkaline balance. Known as the 80/20 Chart it can be used as a wall chart or table mat and gives a list of foods showing you what to have in your diet to aid the correct balance.

The three charts are:
The 80/20 Alkaline/Acid Chart
Anti-Inflammatory Guide
The Glycemic Index Chart

In a nut shell, the three charts will guide you to use foods as tools to help you and your body deal with inflammation and the final chart gives information relating to maintaining our correct blood sugar levels. A yoyo-ing blood sugar level due to choosing the wrong foods can create many undesirable symptoms for many people - learn more about the glycemic index and regain your control. 

All the Certified Organic Miessence products are here.

Please check us out on Facebook and "like" our page - We share many tips, tools and cool stuff, and keep you updated during the month with some interesting articles and additional snippets of topical information, there is even the odd laugh and some pretty pictures too

Have a look and join in on any conversations that may be rolling:)

What about YouTube?

YouTubeThis month a video clip is a little longer than usual but the message is quite important.
I have friends who have been to Bhutan and this small nation may not be the largest or the most populous but it is definitely a place that is a world leader.

Hope you enjoy it.   Click here to watch the Video.

Health snippets(International News)
Get a Goat - you, your property and the planet will be better off.
Science proves what farmers already know: Goats make excellent weedkillers.
In a comparison on the effective of herbicides versus Goats on an area in England guess who won?
Read more here

Aldi leads the pack.
In another move down the path to a better, healthier shopping experience, the German grocery store chain has made an important announcement. I really wish our supermarkets here could do the same(and of course they could if they wanted to).
Read more here

DEALs of the MONTH:  

Rose Hydrating MistWe are a little over stocked with one of our favourite products, I don't normally do this but this month I am offering you a VERY SPECIAL deal on a product that has brought pleasure to many and will be on SPECIAL until the end of the month or until the stock is depleted.
Its the Miessence Rose Monsoon Hydrating mist. Whether you are needing a general lift, have been in a room that had a bit of weird energy floating around, if you work in an air conditioned office, or if you want to prepare your bedroom for a relaxing sleep this mist with pure, essential certified organic Rose Oil is simply amazing. It usually retails at $24.95 and the special will be just $19.95 - AND we will send it FREIGHT FREE!(when you go to the check out select the shipping option that says for shipping Miessence Gift Certifcates only)

Simply click on the link below and you will be taken to the appropriate page to order.

Miessence Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist

Yours in good health

Love from Gary and Andy

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Andy Pentecost, Transformational Life Coach/Author/Animal Communicator and Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer

Maximum Wellbeing Clinic
(07) 571 1141


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