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March 2017 Newsletter

Hi friends,

In this issue:
  • Gout, have a problem?.
  • Product highlights from the Website - 
  • Health snippets - from around the world.
  • March Deals.

Here we go,

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
- Mahatma Ghandi. 

Another month and this time I have managed to get things done on time and have this newsletter ready at the beginning(ish) of the month - can I have a pat on the back please?

Last month we heard concerns of the high levels of fumigants in the Tauranga port, I do wonder how well controlled we really can be when we are "importing" or "exporting" all manner of things?

Sore toe? Gout or something else… (What’s can you do?)

I am sure you know someone with this wee problem, or perhaps you yourself have had the experience of that excruciatingly painful big toe?

What if I was to tell you that YOU could overcome your gout, and avoid taking the drugs?

I am going to let you into the life of a customer a while ago who himself was struggling with gout, the medication he was prescribed messed his body up BIG time, blood tests were showing a picture of being pre-diabetic, and there was the added risk of cardiovascular disease due to carrying a little extra weight.

Luckily for him, this guy decided that there must be another way - the drugs made him sick and he was not getting any better, so what else is out there? Through a conversation he was made aware of the potential benefit of alkalising minerals and he decided to look more closely.

Dietary changes were made, alcohol was avoided and importantly - ALKALISING MINERALS were added into the mix. Here is his story pretty much as he told a friend of his recently...........

"...I was talking at my bar last night to Mike and Margaret (Mikes delightful other half) and the conversation turned to the fact that I have lost a bit of weight. I explained to them that the big thing was to beat the threat of diabetes (Gary, recent blood test showed remarkable improvement and a march away from the "dodgy line" etc) but that I had also been gout free for the last six months or so. Mike and Margaret told me about their friend who has had this problem and who has struggled with medication. My flirtation with gout meds leads me to exclaim here..."Well it's no bloody surprise!" Gout meds such as allopurinol look suspiciously to me like drug company "catch" mechanisms...whereby you have to maintain the treatment, even at a cost to your allied health...forever!

Not only is the assumption of endless "treatment" for a single problem potentially unsustainable, it is clear to me, having twice given allopurinal a try, both times with detrimental effects to other aspects of my health that outweighed any gain in treating the gout itself, that the flow on outcome of said meds can in fact create larger problems than the initial ailment.     

I learned about Basica.

(heres a little bit about me - I was going to take it out but decided it helps with how the story reads -GB)
Mike, what I can tell you about Gary on a personal level is that he has always been helpful to me in my quest for alternative (to standard medicine) methods of treating what are, in the end, somewhat simple, easily defined problems.

Gout, for instance: High uric acid levels in the blood stream. You either: Use a nasty chemical like Allopurinal forever to attempt to alleviate the problem. Or: Attempt to get your body acidity regulated by balancing your PH / Acid ratio.

Alkalising Benefits-793-645

In kill two birds with one stone! You can restore healthy bodily PH while ingesting a load of highly beneficial minerals. It's win win...not just for gout sufferers...ALL people will benefit from it! We ALL lack those basic minerals in our daily diets as soils have become denuded of them!

Mike...I can only say what I know from my own point of view. And that is this: My gout has not troubled me for the last six months. I started taking Basica about seven months ago, more or less. My body PH (test strips) is now much better than previously. My general state of health is improved. My outlook is improved. My weight is down and my diabetes problem is being licked.

Don't get me wrong, it's not all down to Basica. Some of it is the result of my own resolve and my desire to "go down fighting!" But what I can say is that Basica, as far as I can objectively tell, has allowed me to be gout pain free and to once more stalk the fairways of the comfort...without pain. And that's a hell of a positive addition to anyone's state of mind!

Mike...get hold of Gary and get your mate going on Basica. No promises...but by god it's well worth a shot, my good man. He simply has nothing to lose and a hell of a lot to potentially gain. And he can get himself of those friggin' drugs!...."

We would like to thank this lovely client for sharing his story, it can help so many others.  

So do you get the picture? Alkalise or struggle - thats the bottom line. I have already talked about the importance of getting this right recently and rather than running the risk of flogging a dead horse I will leave it at that.

And if we are speaking of the Basica products (there are two variations) we also should mention again the Rolls Royce of Magnesium - Magnesium Diasporal. Magnesium is of course an important mineral when it comes to the acid base balance, but even more significant is what can't or doesn't happen in our body when we are deficient of this critical nutrient.

Much has been learn't about magnesium in recent years, not only how important it is in over 600 processes in the body, but also what type is going to get right into the cells and affect the greatest change.


Symptoms of Mag deficiency-875

If you can identify with ANY of the symptoms shown above then don't mess around, get onto taking the right type of Magnesium NOW.

Its protective qualities are important and well worth the effort - especially if you want to age with less risk of heart disease, dementia, diabetes etc etc etc.....


Mag Diasporal-599

Whats Coming Up?
This is where we keep you updated on courses run by Maximum Wellbeing as well as shows we may be attending in your region or events we think may be of interest.
This coming weekend we will be attending the Wellbeing Market in Taupo. 
Its a return to my old stomping ground and chance to do what we do for the whole weekend and also a chance to catch up with some great friends in the area.
If you are in town come on in  and say "Hi", we would love to see you :)



18-19 March, Great Lake Centre, 10am-4pm, FREE ENTRY!

Product Highlights from

"..I've taken the old Basica and my gout has been fine, I'm fully mobile, enjoying golf etc...and my general health is good. And you can quote me on that..."
Basica Active-589

Please check us out on Facebook and "like" our page - We share many tips, tools and cool stuff, and keep you updated during the month with some interesting articles and additional snippets of topical information, there is even the odd laugh and some pretty pictures too
Have a look and join in on any conversations that may be rolling:)

What about YouTube?
YouTube I found an old Dave Allen sketch while trawling Youtube recently.
Typical British humour that many of us grew up with and is still good stuff.

 To watch the video  CLICK HERE

Health snippets(International News)
Will Mushroom-Based Materials Replace Plastic With an Eco-Friendly Twist?
Click through below to an interesting article and short video that talks of an outstanding alternative to polystyrene/Styrofoam. Its actually 100% compostable and can be produced in any shape using a completely natural process.
What a great thing to produce products from natural agricultural waste by products and avoid producing more "styrofoam" that cant be broken down properly because its not a biological product. Styrofoam persists in the environment in ever smaller pieces and as it breaks down it releases styrene - a known carcinogen

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B Vitamins and Brain Health.
There has been much study over the years looking at a range of nutrients that may help reduce the incidence of psychiatric disorders and general cognition. And evidence is mounting that good old B Vitamins are one very important bunch of nutrients that we could be having more of - with great benefit.
So along with being mindful of our Omega 3 fatty acid intake to help our brains perhaps we should be adding in some quality B vitamins as well to protect our aging population against dementia and even Alzheimers.

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Here is a YouTube clip about Brain atrophy and B Vitamins

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DEAL of the MONTH:  To help "balance" your lives we are offering a HALF PRICE bottle of pH test strips for ALL orders of Basica products!

Simply send us an email with your name, address and which product you want and we will email an invoice including a bottle of 100 pH test strips at HALF PRICE - you save $12.50


If you see something in this newsletter or online at our shop that "feels right" for you - just order it! NOW!

To find out more about any of the products, or to make an appointment, please give us a call on 07-571 1141, we would love to speak to you!
Yours in good health

Love from Gary and Andy
IMG 4890-801                        
Andy Pentecost, Transformational Life Coach/Author/Animal Communicator and Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer

Maximum Wellbeing Clinic
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