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More for you to consider, what are your Prioritys?

In this issue:
  • Priority ONE: Nutrition.
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Already the year is buzzing along - less than 11 months to Christmas. Many of us make New years resolutions all with great intentions and then promptly loose the plot, when it comes to what IS important with regards your health don't sidestep basic nutrition.

Real food IS your real medicine!


Yes, mainstream science has confirmed nutrition levels in modern food crops are lower than they were 50 years ago, but of course how do we get the levels back up?

Nutrition is the building block of every body, every organ, tissue and cell and is the foundation upon which our immune and repair systems are based. Good Nutrition is the essence of our physical life but unfortunately for most of us in the developed world our nutritional status continues to decline.

Some may want to believe that the increased life expectancy of our current senior generation is the result of medical technology and increased availability of food varieties.The reality I feel is more likely to be the result of improved sanitation, safety and modern shelter that has accounted for these gains.

If we look a little further we will also discover that the life expectancy of the current generation is shorter than their parents! How can this be?

The current generation doesn't suffer this fate due to genetics, but through lack of nutrition.

Heart disease, stroke, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, diabetes, obesity and cancer are more prevalent than ever before and the age group that includes our young children show the fastest increase in all these conditions.

There are thousands of articles printed in scientific journals linking all these diseases to nutrition. When it comes to birth defects, disease, life expectancy and life quality the one issue that ties these together is nutrition. Nutrition is KING - Priority number ONE!

If we take things a little deeper - how do we get optimum nutrition?
Our only choice is to nourish the land that surrounds us and in particular - the land that nourishes our foods. Ultimate nutrition will become available when we have the soil nutrition right.

I won't go into the details of soil health(nutrition), the same things that are important in Human health apply, the right minerals, the right mineral levels, the right mineral ratios and getting nourishment into appropriate cells.

If this is a concern I suggest you keep in touch with groups such as the Soil And Health Association (Organic NZ) as one of the most up to date resources when it comes to healthy food - in fact their motto for over 65 years has been .."Healthy Soil - Healthy Food - Healthy People...."

Here is a link to the Organic NZ website. Some articles can be accessed for free, but subscription will keep you best informed.


The important message is this: growers - whether it is for you in your family garden or commercial growers - are growing food for people; growers are positively or negatively affecting the health of the environment in which ALL humankind, animals and plants live; growers are impacting the genetic expression, longevity and development of every future generation; growers are responsible and liable for the consequences of their actions and in-actions.

So to make food thy medicine where are you going to start? Now is a good time and every scrap of organically grown produce we buy or grow ourselves is at least a step in the right direction to improve soil nutrition, plant nutrition and human nutrition.

We want to come to your house!

Yes, its time to get the guestroom tidy and polish the silver because we are on a mission.
Over the Christmas period we were offered a number of places to "house-sit". This worked well for all involved, but what we found was that alot of "anti-food" was hiding in the fridges of some of our hosts. So what was the problem? It seems many of us are too busy to go through the cold storage system(or pantry) in the kitchen and as a result food that is waaayyy past its use by or best before date sits there waiting, and preying on you with its worthless nutrition or even damaging molds.

And so "FRIDGE-BUSTERS" was born. We would love to hear your comments on whether you could see value in someone coming into your home and sorting out your fridge and pantry. Showing you the way to avoid all those nasty additives and numbers, pointing out the "anti-foods" and guiding you on what to stock up on for a healthier YOU.


Let us know if you would like a visit or know someone who would benefit from a visit from the FRIDGE-BUSTERS!

What's this, the Testicle Tree?

The testicle tree or "achuacuatl" was the term used by the Aztecs, we know them as Avocado. There are a number of varieties of Avocado available for consumers in NZ, a member of the laurel species that originates from Mexico and central and South America. Seeds have been found in Archaeological digs in Peru, buried with mummified remains dating back to the 8th Century and the stories suggest the shape of the fruit gave Avo's the reputation as an aphrodisiac and these properties may have been useful in the afterlife.

Apart from vitamins B, E, K, and minerals Magnesium, calcium and AvocadoPhoto.jpgpotassium the avo is packed with essential fatty acids that will help burn fat. The type of fats are beneficial as it includes the HDL(good cholesterol) and can help improve the cholesterol profile.

Dr's have found Avo good for diabetics who tend to eat too much carbohydrate. One avo has more fibre than a bran muffin too!

They are also a good source of Vitamin D, a nutrient that we know is important for both the health of bones and the immune system.

Half an avo has more potassium than a banana, diets that include potassium-rich foods are generally beneficial for blood pressure and related cardiovascular diseases, in my opinion you can never get too much potassium and in fact most people we see exhibit signs there is a deficiency of this important common mineral.

A widely prescribed anti-cholesterol drug uses Betasitosterol but unfortunately is often discontinued due to debilitating side effects. Studies show the avo has 4 times as much as oranges - oranges were previously thought to be the richest food source.

Another very important element we all need more of as we age is glutathione. It works as an antioxidant and amongst other things helps lower the risk of oral and pharyngeal cancer - avo's have 3 times the amount of glutathione than any other fruit.

The oil is wonderful for the skin and can help combat the effects of both wind and sun.

If you are needing a little help with bowel function you may want to try the following recipe:

Mash the flesh of 2 avocados, add and mix 3 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 tsp of lemon juice and a little kelp.
Spread onto a pumpernickel bread and eat.
You should be proud of a "vigorous" bowel movement a couple of hours later.

So, as you see, this pear shaped green fruit has much to offer, used both in and on the body, please ensure you indulge.


This issue I will highlight some of the Heel formulations that may be a helpful adjunct in stroke sufferers.

While response time in treating anyone who has had a stroke is critical, the degree of damage will in part relate to the sufferers level of anti-oxidants and how quick inflammation can be controlled.

In an acute case the combination of the following is important:
Traumeel - our preferred anti-inflammatory
Metabolic Kit - to aid the restoration of co-enzyme activity internally
Lymphomyosot - an important formular to assist lymphatic drainage

If you would like any further help please let us know. There are a number of other combinations we may suggest for chronic cases and appropriate treatment

Health snippets(International News)

Organic cotton has hit the headlines.
The organic textile industry should fear for its good reputation and must make its whole value added chain far more transparent if it wants to minimise the harm it could suffer and win back the trust of customers.
Click here to read the article.

This makes me think of the scenario where you may have hiked to the top of a mountain somewhere and be enjoying the fresh air and along comes someone who lights up a cigarette - like the smoker contaminating the air, GM tech companies don't have much of a concern that they are contaminating OUR environment, not only theirs.

We mentioned briefly last month the new handmade perfumes from Miessence - to our delight, for the Month of Love you can save 20% on miessence® hand-blended, certified organic botanical perfumes in February. You will be able to go direct to our ONEgrp website to take advantage of this February Special.
20 (1).jpg

Enter the promotion code 'cupid' at checkout to get your discount and your handmade perfume will be at your doors in a couple of days.

If you would like to take advantage of this months Miessence offer please Click here without delay.

Thanks again for being with us,

Yours in good health, 

Susanne & Gary

PS: Thanks again for your continued support and don't forget to forward the newsletter onto anyone who may find it of interest, take care S & G  :)

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