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NewsLetter June2016

Hi everybody!

In this issue:
  • The flu and You!?
  • Product highlights from the Website - 
  • Health snippets - from around the world.
  • June Deals.

Hi Folks,

Well here we are again. It seems I was creating the last newsletter just a few days ago :) Lets see whats in the news and what is important for us at this time of year. As the last couple of newsletters have been rather brief I thought it was about time we had a "Bumper Edition". There is a lot going on and a lot to discover so I hope you find this information helpful and make it to the bottom where we have some great deals.

What can I do to lower my risk of suffering with the flu?
The middle of the year is nearing and with this the winter solstice and the shortest day are just around the corner. If we were an animal like a bear we would be hibernating during this time - snuggling down into a dark, warm place and simply "allowing" and "being". Giving our body a chance to truly rest and prepare for the busier time of year when food is abundant and our environment is more user friendly for us soft ole humans.

Of course this isn't what happens and we all continue to keep ourselves busy with all those really important things that must be done to ensure a full and happy life - or do they indeed just make our lives full?

Winter woes, so many choices, what do I do? What will work for me?

I have decided to go into a little more depth and discuss the huge variety of options out there in Health Supplement land to point you in the right direction when it comes to making the right choice for "winter immune support" or treatment of colds and flu.

Of course it doesn't take long when you go into any store selling products that are supposed to support you and your immune system during this time of year to get very confused, very fast.

Many of you will have your favourites, and if you want to share any of these please do so - there are a lot of great products out there so let us know what you have come to trust.

So, where do we start?

First, address your stress levels.
What has stress to do with my immune system? This is more about prevention than treatment as such, we migraineknow when you are stressed out, the additional pressure on the already overburdened Adrenal glands will likely leave your body struggling and we see the combination of a nasty bug and stress will give the stress glands a double whammy, the result can be a recurrence of symptoms and this is in part due to the thymus just not being able to recover. When everything is working well and our WBC's are able to efficiently get on with the job we may not even be aware that they have overcome some nasty invader. 
Conventional medicine appears to have missed the boat when it comes to the prevention of immune related illness which plague so many in autumn and winter. All that said, if you are able to take the time and give your stressed body some support, supply the adrenals with specific supporting nutrients, and one of those is Vitamin C, your system will be more prepared.

Signs and Symptoms.
Another of the things to get clear, is the type of attack you are experiencing.

  • What is happening and where?
  • Is this thing happening in my head, in my sinuses, in my throat or in may chest or lungs?
  • Is there congestion in any or a number of these parts of my body?
  • Is there any heat?
  • Is there any pain or inflammation? If so where is it?

From this you will see there are many different things that may be going on in your body when under "attack" from some unwanted invader. Some of the products will work well in one particular area while others may work better in other areas. As an example, the Heel nasal spray will be great if there is a sinus problem, but perhaps not so helpful with a more deep seated lung issue.

Of course one approach could be to make a "hot toddy" with a good stiff brandy or whiskey and off to bed.
In fact this may sound pretty basic, but probably the most important thing is to recognise that while the different cells that make up your immune system are working diligently on their task, one of the best forms of support you can offer will be rest. Rest and regenerate, unfortunately busy lifestyles often don't allow for that.
Many of us simply don't feel that we have the time, the right, or the luxury of doing nothing, but of course this is the first thing that will allow the busy white blood cells(WBC's) to use all the energy they need and do what they need to do.

The second thing to remember is LEAVE OUT THE SUGAR!
Do you hear me? Leave out the SUGAR!
Sugar in all its processed forms is something that will work directly against the energy required by the WBC's. In fact I have seen this many times, back in the days when I was working with Live Blood Analysis, it was not uncommon to have a blood sample where there were adequate WBC's - they just weren't doing much. The body will have to use valuable energy resources to simply process the sugar and as a result your WBC's are left high and dry with little fuel available for them to get on with their job.

What can we do? What is the best product for.....?
There are many products that I use with my customers, and of course wherever possible I prefer to test specifically to match the product to the person, below are some of the common products we find helpful.

HomeoBotanicals(Hbt): The selection of homeobotanicals we use provides excellent relief and support covering the whole range of symptoms. We have over 40 Hbt combinations, for asthma or lung/respiratory, or more specific to catarrh and excess mucous and expectorant mixtures that will sooth irritation and persistent coughing, even a mix that has a variety of anti-infective herbs to help deal to the bugs.
Hbt's are often my preferred choice for children and families in general. We can make up a treatment bottle targeted for any of the areas mentioned above and the dose is several drops on the tongue several times a day. Easy for any age and very cost effective. If you have a specific need we can usually mix a tailor made solution for you.
If you are wondering why these are called homeobotanicals - we combine the various mixtures together and then succuss to effectively produce a herbal medicine with low potency homoeopathy. The best of both worlds.

Active7Active Elements - 7.1: Here we have another very simple formula, while not a bug killer specifically is none the less an interesting combination of minerals, with both homoeopathic and non-homoeopathic ingredients. It is a mineral tablet that like the Hbt's above can be safely used by the entire family.
Here is what is said about this mineral combination ... is traditionally used to relieve the congestion & fever of minor infections such as, colds, flu, upper respiratory tract and middle ear infections, tonsillitis and hay fever and to relieve the pain, heat, irritation & swelling of localised inflammations.
Dosing is simple as well, Chew a 7.1 tablet whenever you have a runny nose or feel the onset of a sore throat or other symptom of winter chills, chew up to 7 tablets per day to minimise the effect of winter.

Vitamin D3: Here is one that in the past has been little understood and often underestimated. Loads of research, and I mean LOADS, has been carried out in relation to Vitamin D over the past 10 years. It all says one thing - Vitamin D3 deficiency leaves your immune system out to lunch!
I have written about this important "sunshine vitamin" in the past so won't go into it here - suffice to say, if you sit in an office or on your couch most of the time, you will most likely be depriving your body of this all important element, you can get some in a bottle and allow your system to work better when faced with the dreaded lurgy. And even if you do get outdoors, the statistics for Vitamin D deficiency are quite alarming. Not only acute colds and flu's but also major immune challenges(such as cancers) all need Vit D. We use a number of Vit D products, the DaVinci D3 is popular and is now in an easy to dispense spray format.


DrWilsonsBodyGuard(copy)BodyGuard™: This is a product I like alot, it has a whole selection of hard hitting herbs that will offer a powerful kick against most pathogens. As a liquid it provides immediate support for healthy immune function in the body’s front line defences, especially in the respiratory, gastrointestinal and urogenital tracts.
The herbs in the mixture include
Colloidal silver, Grapefruit seed extract, Black walnut, Cat’s claw, Olive, Pau d’arco, Echinacea, Clove, Thuja, and more ............... and it has been designed for quick-acting, short-term use, Body-Guard™ is a great item to always keep handy for those times when your body needs extra immune support.

Here is a quote from Dr Wilson......“Body-Guard™ is the first thing I reach for when my patients need immediate, quick-acting immune support. I’ve found it invaluable in a wide variety of cases.” Dr. James L. Wilson.

Its also the type of product that could go with you on your travels as a helpful "toolbox" addition. Take Body-Guard™ with you wherever you go, especially when you travel, dine out or are exposed to different foods and water. Kind of like an internal sanitiser.

euphorbiumSNSinus infection? Heel Euphorbium Nasal Spray: Sinus congestion or even sinusitis can be a real problem for some, and for many years I have recommended this product with great results. In fact for some people it is the only thing that works for them. Euphorbium Compositum S Nasal Spray is the main remedy for sinusitis from the Biological medicine producer Heel. It is indicated for acute and chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. It has strong anti-inflammatory characteristics and a proven ability to inhibit viral proliferation - it can help to get rid of a number of the rhino-virus's that cause so many people a lot of grief.

Euphorbium Compositum S Nasal Spray is particularly useful in dealing with catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, for example rhinitis and sinusitis and may assist in mucosal disturbances with thick, bland and greenish yellow discharges, as well as conjunctivitis and rhinitis.
This nasal spray is very different to most standard over the counter nasal sprays which are often designed to simply dry up the sinus tissue and as a result can only be used short term - long term use of most nasal sprays would destroy the mucous membrane, This wonderful homoeopathic formula will actually help to normalise the sinus tissue, hows that for a nice side effect. It is very well tolerated and could be used by children or adults, the dose would simply be adjusted accordingly.

Liquid Zinc: Zinc Assay - Zinc is another one of those minerals that is so important in hundreds of different activities in the body, and in this case for the immune system to function normally. Often over looked, but in cases where people seem to be susceptible to every bug going around, like Vit D, it is another one that needs to be checked. Once zinc levels get too low, it is difficult for the body to assimilate from our food and so it becomes important to supplement for a while to get the levels back up. If you are having recurring problems it is highly likely that either zinc and/or Vit D are low. The Zinc Assay from PRL is a unique form of zinc that will restore zinc levels very well. We find that 1 bottle often does the job in restoring healthy levels and then the MRI Elemental Zinc can be used over a longer period of time to keep levels where they should be.

Daily C LOGO(copy)Vitamin C: Here there are once again a number of choices. We have the very popular powder known as Daily C. Our most popular Vitamin C powder product because it tastes good and has a very high component of Bio-flavonoids. Many of you will be familiar with this term - bio-flavonoids are the co-factors that go hand in hand with pure vitamin C and ensure that is used appropriately by the body. The presence of bio-flavonoids makes the Vit C even more effective in its role.
If you are more of a tablet person or are on the move then there are 2 other products that I prefer, one is another product from Dr James Wilson called Adrenal C, once again an excellent product with high levels of bio-flavonoids and as the name suggests is part of Dr Wilson's adrenal support quartet. As mentioned at the top of the page, addressing stress and feeding the adrenals is an important aspect of supporting your immune system.
The third is a really nice Vitamin C in a capsule, and this is unique in that it is from a 100% pure, natural source. Its from the PRL range and is simply called Premier Vitamin C. The primary source of Vit C is from Camucamu in this formulation but it is backed up with a heap of herbs including Acerola, Rosehips, Noni, Cordyceps, Olive Leaf, Reishi, Bitter orange and the list goes on. This PRL product is a great all rounder for supporting your immune system in both a preventative and acute role, and being completely free of any synthetic or man-made component makes it all the more effective.  

nucleotide 1(copy)NucleoImmune: Here we have another one of my favourites when it comes to getting onto things straight away. If you feel something starting to get you, this is the time to hit things quick and hard.
NucleoImmune is one of those products that acts in a completely different manner when compared to the "bug killers". Swiss research over more than 15 years has shown that most people (96%) will respond to the use of this product immediately, if you get onto using NucleoImmune it has the potential to stop the pathogen in its tracks and deal to it in the same day!
That's pretty impressive, but you do need to start straight away to get these results. For some this may mean you need to take a dose of 1-4 capsules every hour to ensure you are able to overcome the pathogen, but it will do it.
Nucleotides are fundamental nutrients just like minerals and are the small building blocks of our DNA and RNA, we get nucleotides in our food from proteins but as we age the ability to utilise nucleotides becomes compromised, this is where supplementation of this type becomes invaluable.
The research shows nucleotides can help to diminish symptoms such as sinus pain, earache, headache, high temperature, swollen glands and muscle aches associated with both the common cold and the flu.

There are a whole host of other benefits from using the NucleoImmune, its good for circulation, improves energy, wound healing in general and much more, once again nature provides a product that works AND has beneficial side effects.

Oregano Oil: When it comes to bug killing this one is hard to beat. The active component in Oregano Oil is carvacrol and has very powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties. As an oil all you need is a drop, it has a "hot" taste and is again one of my preferred "killers".
This oil is also a powerful anti-histamine and even will help your liver regenerate.
The list of organisms that this oil will deal to is impressive and includes those such as
staphylococcus, campylobacter, klebsiella, e.coli, giardia, salmonella, and listeria. This isn't the complete list, but you get an idea. It has also been suggested as a good one to have in your medicine cabinet as it can be used to sanitise almost anything, by putting a small amount in a spray bottle with some pure water you could use it in your kitchen or bathroom.
The only thing to remember is don't try to use it straight - it is very strong and very hot. Put a drop in a small glass of water and you will know what I mean. That said, I have often grabbed a bottle and taken a couple of doses when I have felt that tell tale tickle in the throat. Problem solved.
So there are few of our preferred products, I hope I haven't confused you. There are plenty more ranging from the Heel Biological medicines through traditional herbs like Cats-Claw and Hyssop and on to good old Garlic in a super potent form.
Obviously if you are needing help with any of this then please do contact us, if you are local we are more than happy to do a quick test for you, give us a call and come on into the clinic and let us show you how we test to ensure you are using the right product, or for those of you out of town, we can do some surrogate testing in the clinic on your behalf, just ask.

Whats happening?

As was mentioned last month we have both been enjoying our Healing Touch Training.
Andy went on to complete a Level 4 training in Sydney after a truly busy month and is now at a level where she just has to do the full on practice, complete 100 case study's, read some books, complete a couple of projects, get involved with the community and ...... and...... and.... then she will be a fully Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.

For most people learning this energy system of healing to reach level 4 would take 1 - 2 years(Andy is there in a month!). Andy was given special permission by the course co-ordinators to go ahead and do the Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 at such a pace simply due to her ability and understanding of working at this level - believe me when I say we are all really blessed to have her here doing this work because (even though I may be a little biased) she really is VERY good at it.

Healing Touch is a hands-on bio-field healing therapy that complements traditional medical care and other approaches to health and healing.

It uses simple techniques with gentle, non-invasive touch to clear, balance, restore and support the human energy system. It also supports and stimulates the self healing processes of the body, emotions, mind and spirit. The energy is vital life force, available to everyone, flowing through the hands of the healer to the person in need.

An exciting thing about this form of therapy is that it has some great science behind it, was developed by a couple of Nurses in the USA and is accepted as a part of Health Insurance in the US as well as used (and accepted) in Hospitals!

Following a Healing Touch treatment, people frequently comment that they feel relaxed and calm, have decreased pain and freer movement. It can be used for people of all ages and stages of health.

Some of the benefits of Healing Touch are:

  • Relaxation
  • Reduction of chronic and acute pain
  • Reduction of anxiety, stress and depression
  • Faster recovery of wounds and fractures
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Relief of symptoms associated with medical treatments and procedures
  • Relief of side effects from chemotherapy
  • Anaesthesia recovery
  • Pre and post surgery
  • Support for the dying
  • Other conditions of mind, body or spirit
  • Animals and plants also benefit.

If you would like to know more - or experience "Healing Touch" you know who to call :)

Product Highlights from

From the products that are mentioned in the article above the amazing properties of the PRL NucleoImmune product stand out and follow the all important theme of "Do no Harm".

When bugs are causing a problem in your system, and certainly if something recurs too often then we may need to consider building and/or strengthening our system as opposed to blast it with antibacterials or antivirals. These "anti" products do have their place and we certainly use them, but what if we could strengthen ones system so the bugs didn't get a foot hold?

Products such as Nucleotides have many uses, and here is a list of just a few:
Benefits of Nucleotides

• Stop colds and flu in one day(96% of the time)
• Improve circulation
• Stimulate the brain’s memory neurotransmitters
• Increase energy
• Reduce wound healing time up to 67%, including broken bones • Supports normal T-cell manufacture
• Promote new skin cell growth and rejuvenation
• Promotes neutralisation of internal toxins 

Nucleotides are tiny building blocks of RNA and DNA, which are the blueprints for every cell in your body. Each of your trillion plus cells contains 6 billion nucleotides. These building blocks are stored in a very limited quantity in your liver. Trauma, surgery, immune challenges and other stresses can rapidly deplete the body’s stores of nucleotides. When depleted, rebuilding critical supplies of nucleotides to meet the body’s demands can take several days, if not weeks.

Nucleotides are fundamental nutrients like minerals which must be supplied from outside the body. They are found most abundantly in human breast milk. No other mammal has nearly the concentration that is found in human breast milk. Nucleotides in breast milk are essential to a baby’s developing immune system. When breastfeeding isn’t possible, a nucleotide-enriched formula is recommended. For young, healthy people, getting enough nucleotides from food may be possible, but as we grow older, this pathway becomes less efficient and our ability to absorb nucleotides decreases. Therefore, nucleotides in supplement form can provide an excellent solution. 

Order PRL NucleoImmune HERE

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What about YouTube?

YouTubeThis month a very short video clip about our food once again. This time around however it relates to a new push in the US that allows the use of GMO's to be cleverly disguised.
Its simple, but we consumers want it even simpler - just label it, right?!

While it isn't currently relative for us - its only a matter of time, lets be prepared and stand for nothing less that labels that tell whats in the product.
Click here to watch the Video.

Health snippets(International News)
The maneuvering by big Pharma to protect the lucrative Vaccine business continues.
First we had a great movie called "VAXXED" was pulled from being shown at the Tribeca Film Film festival under interesting circumstances and now another documentary with the title "Man Made Epidemic" has been pulled from London's East End Festival. Thats two important documentaries removed from the public exposure that is fundamental for us all to understand better what is going on with this form of "healthcare" that impacts us all in recent months.

Below is a link to an article that gives a little more info surrounding this controversial topic.
Click Here

Autism Coverup?
While we are discussing the whole vaccine thing, the evidence that the CDC has distorted data surrounding Autism deliberately comes to life in this video. There really are some potent forces in operation here and we really do need to get to the bottom of things if society is going to thrive.
Watch the video CDC WHISTLE BLOWER

And on a different theme, I wish I was growing up in Denmark
Copenhagen officials set a goal in 2007 to serve 90 percent organic food in its daycare institutions, schools and elderly care centres. No other city in Denmark comes anywhere close to that mark and it is believed that Copenhagen’s percentage of organic food is the highest in the world. Just imagine the opportunity we - as an island nation - have to lead the world from this perspective - if Denmark can do it surely we have a good shot?

Here is more on this topic

DEALs of the MONTH:  This month we are offering ALL of the products mentioned in our article above with a discount! This means depending on the product, you could be saving up to $15. Simply go onto the appropriate product page and place your order or let us know what you would like and we will do the rest. We only have limited stock of some of these items - so if you see something that "feels right" for you - just order it! NOW!

Active Elements 7.1 tablets
DaVinci Labs VitD3 Spray
Dr Wilsons BodyGuard liquid
Heel Euphorbium Nasal Spray
PRL Zinc Assay liquid
MRI Elemental Zinc liquid
Daily C Powder
Dr Wilsons Adrenal C tablets
PRL Premier Vitamin C capsules
PRL NucleoImmune capsules
PRL Oregano Oil

To find out more about any of the products, to order a Hbt formula or to make an appointment, please give us a call on 07-571 1141, we would love to speak to you!

Yours in good health

Love from Gary and Andy

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Andy Pentecost, Transformational Life Coach/Author/Animal Communicator and Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer

Maximum Wellbeing Clinic
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