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November 2017 Newsletter - A great Blushield DEAL!

Hi friends,

In this issue:
  • ElectroStress? Why does it cause so many problems? 
  • Product highlights from the Website - 
  • November Deals.

Well everyone,

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears".- Les Brown

Last month I talked about "stress".  This month I am going to drill down a little and focus on one of my old areas of work and that is "ElectroStress". This is a big topic - bigger than most of us want to believe.

Hope you enjoy this months newsletter

Stressed?........Could it be EMF's?

So you have taken the advice to fortify your body against "stress' by taking some B Vitamins and additional minerals along with Vitamin C from time to time, thats great. Maybe add in some specific adaptogenic herbs to take the edge off, but is it enough?

The first thing about stress to understand is that it comes in many different forms. As mentioned in my last newsletter, you may be facing stress from many angles - stress from work, emotional stress, physical stress of working or playing hard, you may be exposed to various pathogens or toxins in the food you eat, chemicals in the air we breath from spray drift or your friendly neighbour pumping it up with roundup in their garden(oohh thats another BIG story) and then of course there is the stress we experience from our modern conveniences such as computers, cordless gadgets and cell phones to name just a few - ELECTRO-STRESS or stress associated with Electromagnetic Fields.



This is something that is often subtle, and of course these days - with us consumers wanting to be able to use our cell phone EVERY WHERE - EMF's are everywhere, in the cities, in the countryside, up a mountain, there is literally no where on the planet that is not being blasted by some form of electrical energy be that natural or man made.

There is an ever expanding amount of research clearly linking health issues with the exposure to radiation at far lower levels than maximum exposure limits set by many governments. Of course there is also research that shows there is no effect, but it is interesting to note that most research is funded by the industries that produce this radiation and those studies tend to find less issues than research that was not funded by industry. 

It is due to this "fact" that "science" will continue to hide behind the simple idea that there is no known specific causal link that can prove that if you are exposed to a magnetic field of a particular strength for a particular duration you will get...cancer - or some other disease. There is nowhere scientists can go to do a proper scientific study that will allow us to have a control group where the controls are not exposed to some form of electrical energy. Unfortunately, just because science cannot prove a causal link between electrical energy and illness doesn't mean its not there or that it won't or can't happen.

Infact over the years I have seen a whole range of conditions people have been trying to deal with when their body is experiencing electrical stress, the list includes some of the common ones:

Skin problems
Heart issues

Plasma-lamp 2-698So what proof do we have that EMF's are or can be a problem?
Consider the fact that our body is a sensitive electronic device that operates on very low levels of electrical stimulation, our cells work in the low range of both voltage and current for functionality and these levels can be measured by a variety of tools, so if we are immersed in a whole raft of electrical energy from multiple sources, I feel it is rather knieve to think that there is not the potential for things - cells or cell function - to be disturbed and possibly pushed to become dysfunctional.

If you care to dig a little you will discover tens of thousands of research documents on a wide variety of websites, you will discover that low voltage magnetic fields block the production of Melatonin with a resulting proliferation in Breast cancer cells, you will also read that the radiation that is emitted from a cellphone has clear links to brain cancer, and that radio frequency radiation from Radio Transmitters can influence  conditions such as childhood leukaemia.

So rather than bore you with lots of statistics and studies lets quickly get to the realisation that these energies are REAL, and they can and do result in the influencing of biological functions, and that these influences are potentially negative for our body. End result, we get stressed, we get sick and feel broken.

I have for a long time liked the approach that came out of Europe some years back when authorities were trying to determine what should be done about this "unknown" that we referred to as ElectroStress or ElectroSmog.

The term "Prudent Avoidance" is what I am referring to, and to this day is my first recommendation to anyone that asks for my advice. On a side note - for those of you who don't know, yours truly is one of only a handful of trained Electro-Biology Specialists in the country and I have had the privilege of working with some of the best equipped brains in this field both here and abroad - a highlight was spending time with Wolfgang Maes in Germany, one of the most respected and experienced professionals working in the field of Building Biology and environmental analysis.

Consider statements made by the WHO - ".... A quarter of all illnesses are caused by poor/bad environmental conditions."

In Germany, the Health Minister has been quoted as saying "One in three is environmentally ill."

As a Building Biologist, the built environment is acknowledged as being the key to wellness - The building code demands: "Homes should not jeopardise human health and natural livelihoods."   And yet One BIG environmental stressor/pollutant/toxin is from our electrical environment within our homes, the very place we are supposed to rest and sleep and regenerate ourselves for the next day. Take a moment to try and tally up how many sources of EMF's there are surrounding us all the time.

Electrical devices such as computers, photocopiers, televisonsLightning-329
Hand held devices such as tablets or even children's games
Cordless devices of all descriptions including telephones
Hair dryers
Clock Radios near the bed
Cell phones
Cellphone Towers/transmitters
Television transmitters
Radio Transmitter masts
Electric fields from the wiring in your home from 240Volt AC
Air conditioners
Electrical energy from your cars ignition and electronics
Electric Cars
Fluorescent lighting
Airport Radar or similar at Ports around the country side
Satellite Signals
Natural Magnetic field - when distorted this creates "geopathic stress"
Cosmic radiation including Solar Flares

And the list goes on........

When we create a list like this, is there really any doubt that at least SOME of this electrical stuff could potentially hurt us in some way, there is certainly plenty of it "out there"?

So for those of you interested, I still have my box full of instruments that are used to assess levels of EMF's in the various forms, and yes I still do go where called to carry out an inspection of homes both to assess for people living in a home and also to be part of the pre purchase due diligence for home buyers. For most of us this isn't necessary - but what is perhaps necessary is finding ways to remediate against EMF's and protect our bodies from any potential ill effects.

So how do we do that?

I'm glad you asked, because many homes I go into these days really are a mine field and if we are trying to protect ourselves the first step is to use the Prudent Avoidance approach and where possible remove the source, create some distance between you and the known source and of course turn devices OFF when not in use, shut down cell phones and WIFI overnight so that at least during the night you can rest a little easier. Of course if you live like most of us, in the city you have no control over your neighbours activities and its easy enough to discover how much wifi is out there by allowing your computer or cell phone do search for wifi - so we really need to do a little more.

Step up the latest iteration of what we now call the BluShield - the Tesla Gold Series. Developed right here in the BOP, this clever device really is completely unique in how it creates a safe zone - we call it a "BluZone" within the operating area of the various models.

Without any in depth analysis of what it does, it works by emitting a symphony of frequencies over a cycle of about 7 minutes that are within the human response range. The body simply responds to the Blushield products rather than your Wi-Fi, smart meter or mobile phone. This is known as sympathetic resonance.

Your body with all its wisdom would much rather respond to natural frequencies than man made EMF, whatever shape or form they come in.  The special waveform has been engineered to work in complete harmony with the body and in fact not only helps combat all forms of ElectroStress but will generally strengthen the body field along with its immune system and associated functioning.

To any of our customers who are familiar with the Blushield, the latest iteration that was released approximately 12 months ago is by far the strongest and most effective product that has been produced.

This has been achieved by essentially developing a way to overlay the series of frequencies in a clever format (its known as multiwave form) that has essentially tripled its strength and makes it effective in combatting all the latest forms of energy including the latest Wifi and 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G communication waves.
Tesla Gold Plugin-663-978
The first step is to protect yourself in your home/office and this is best achieved by using the standard BluShield Tesla Gold Plugin Device. It will create a BluZone that is the size of a sphere that has a diameter of 90 metres - its a big area so most homes only need one device. Helping create a zone that allows for full restful sleep is critical.

For homes that consider themselves as very high users or may be situated within 500m of a cellphone tower then the next step up is more appropriate and this is known as the Cube. This is also a high powered multiwave device like the standard Plugin but has a coverage of 180 metre diameter.

To compliment these we have a portable device that is a beautiful design and makes it easy to stay protected where ever you may be, perfect for carrying on you during your day at work, and also perfect for travellers of commuters who may use trains, planes or even electric cars. Its the Tesla Gold Series Portable and now is more compact and has a rechargeable battery.

Have a look at these.

              Tesla Gold CUBE-327-557-658          BluShield TeslaGold Portable-474-654

I really do encourage you all to consider using this device(or something like this) to create a safe zone for you to live and play without concerns related to our convenient, modern lifestyle devices. EMF's are not going away anytime soon, and the prudent thing to do is work from a preventative perspective to reduce your exposure and reduce the risk of something "breaking" some time down the line, these devices can make a difference.

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Product Highlights from

Miessence Barrier Balm.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 5Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 5What a super cool, super versatile product this is - and for just the next 24 hours you can get it at a 30% OFF deal!!

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"My daughter had small worts on the back of her leg which had caused eczema. I tried using many different lotions which all made it worse. I started to use the Barrier Balm which not only resolved the eczema but the worts are gone too! Great product."

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And a reminder that SoapGuru soaps are available, and we are loving using them - three flavours all made using a French 18th Century Triple milled process.

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micro nutrients                             Parabens and other harmful preservatives
antioxidants                                 Sulfates and other harmful detergents
vitamins C & E                              PEG's and other harmful compounds that can carry toxic anti-microbial                               substances through the skin
anti-fungal                                   DEA, TEA & MEA and other harmful emulsifying agents
anti-bacterial                                Synthetic perfumes and Artificial Fragrances



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What about YouTube?
YouTubeThere was an unexpected distraction for Professor Robert Kelly when he was being interviewed live on BBC News about South Korea. But he managed to keep his composure and complete the interview successfully.

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Yours in good health

Love from Gary and Andy

IMG 4890-801                        
Andy Pentecost, Transformational Life Coach/Author/Animal Communicator
Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer

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