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March 2014 NewsLetter

Hi to all,

In this issue:
  • Minerals, why do I go on about minerals?
  • Products highlights from the Website - 
  • Health snippets - From around the world.

"Love brings you Gifts every day, but it is up to you to open them"... :)
NEWSFLASH - Please scroll down to read the important announcement. NEWSFLASH


It all begins with minerals.

This is of course nothing new, and to most of you who are familiar with the clinical work we do, you will have some of the written material I have produced over time that relates to the importance of minerals.

This is where it all starts, so if you haven't given much thought to minerals then its probably time you did.

Because minerals are the base upon which everything else regards our physiology is built. They are the foundation of our body and your health is dependent on your ability to maintain your mineral balance.
Your need the right balance of minerals and of course minerals come from what we eat and drink, with out these raw materials our body doesn't have the ability to create "minerals", plants are of course the primary source of the minerals we need.

If you aren't eating well and supplying the body a range of nutrients from good quality wholefoods then it is highly likely you will develop some form of deficiency that will ultimately compromise something in the way your body operates. It is claimed by some that MOST disease in in some way the result of a mineral deficiency, are you getting the picture as to how important they are?

Mineral's in different forms have been used for many generations in traditional medicine and it is still a mainstay of much that we do for our customers. It is often the most overwhelming problem with many of the people we see and must be addressed.

Active Elements LogoAs you will be well aware, there are quite a few different types of mineral formula's that we use and recommend, and one of the more unique ranges of products are known as Active Elements.
Active elements are unique in the way they combine Homeopathically prepared mineral salts - this is based on research that was started more than 130 years ago - and also the physical elemental counterpart.

The result with this combination is a simple product that works to balance both the body and the mind, the physical and the energetic aspects we need for a balanced body and wellness.

The Active Elements® System is based upon the belief that many health issues stem from mineral element imbalances within the body. These imbalances can occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from modern agricultural practices, to poor diet and stress.

Our Online Assessment System provides a simple way to determine the Active Elements®Formulas that may help your body to maintain its mineral balance.

Once the free online questionaire is completed the system carries out 100's of complex calculations to determine which combination of minerals will be most suitable for your present situation. The algorithms that drive the computer modelling were developed, tested and refined from decades of clinical observation - some of the questions may seem a little unrelated but you can be assured they are targeting a specific aspect of your wellbeing.

Mineral element imbalances are wide-spread and of course occur for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are:

  • Poor Diet.
  • The way our food is grown.
  • The way our food is processed.
  • Our body may have difficulty absorbing some minerals from our food.
  • Even if absorbed, they may not be able to be utilised properly.
  • Drinking and smoking.
  • Physical and mental stress.
  • A genetic predisposition for imbalances to exist or develop.

I have recorded a short video that is displayed on the page where we offer our FREE online mineral assessment, so if you would like to view this ( I am a bit of a video virgin, so any critiques would be appreciated).

And if you or someone you care for isn't already taking a good quality mineral supplement then perhaps it would be appropriate to pass this newsletter on.

Here is the link to the free online assessment 

Whats Coming Up?

This is where we keep you updated on courses run by Maximum Wellbeing as well as shows we may be attending in your region.

NEWSFLASH!!! Tauranga clinic, want to come and see what we do? NEWSFLASH!!!! FULLTIME CLINIC OPENING SOON!!

Many of you will be aware that our plan for a while has been to move to Tauranga.
We have been offering clinical services one day per week for a number of months, and now the time has come for us to make the move completely.

We have found a great place to base ourselves(a home/office) and will be operating out of 93A Fourteenth Avenue - the first house around the corner from Fraser Street.
So to those of you who couldn't make it to the clinic on a Tuesday the problem will be solved very soon. We are really excited about the move, closer to the sea and family and of course closer to some of our already loyal customers. 
We will be offering our full range of services, which of course will include:

  • Naturopathic Consultations

  • Massage and body work

  • Nutritional supplements(of only the highest quality)

  • Chakra Balancing and energy clearing

  • Dietary advice and Life Coaching

  • Public talks and demonstrations

  • "Albert" sessions and QRA

  • Intuitive healing

And all the other stuff we do as well.......

So please, spread the word - we are to help, between us we have heaps of experience with all sorts of health challenges.
The new clinic will of course remain known as Maximum Wellbeing and we will be in the new location before the end of this month. Our phone number is (07) 571 1141, any enquiries can be made through this number straight away(until we move it goes directly to Andy's mobile and no additional cost to you - so if you live in Tauranga you don't even have to make a toll call!)

And for those of you who are based here in Rotorua we hope you will keep in touch. We are of course happy to send any product/top-ups out to you, just email or phone your requirements through and any order over $80 will be sent freight free!

Tauranga is less than an hours drive and we know that many of you will be using this as a nice excuse to have a quick excursion to Tauranga, take in the beach and visit us at the same time - or a bit of shopping or check out a water front cafe?

NOTE; SURROGATE TESTING: For the folk that may find it difficult to travel, we can offer our weird but amazing "Surrogate Testing".
This is a process we have developed that takes the guess work out of knowing what you need when its not possible for you to physically come into the clinic. This system enables us to "tune in" to you and simply I test Andy as if I were testing you in the clinic. We go through the same process using QRA and get the same results. As "weird" as it sounds, it is amazing - the results talk for themselves!
We have been using this technique for a couple of years now. We simply schedule a time and carry out the "consultation/testing" as if you were with us here in the clinic and then we let you know the results, this testing has helped many of our customers both here throughout New Zealand and abroad. It doesn't matter where the person is, we still get the results.

We want to ensure you won't feel you are on your own and the surrogate testing simply makes it easy and cost effective for everyone who is unable to come to Tauranga.

Hope to see you soon in Tauranga!


What about YouTube?

YouTubeThis video is short and sweet, ever thought how Santa gets around so fast?
This could explain things for us all.

This one was supposed to be in the Christmas Newsletter - but you know how it is, some of us are a l-i-t-t-l-e- s-l-o-w :)


Products Highlights from

Seasonal hayfever or sinusitis?  
Active Elements 7.1.  This particular Active Elements formula is one of the range that can be used very effectively on its own.
The ingredients have been traditionally used to treat a number of areas, including:

  • Relieve congestion and fever of minor infections
  • Colds and sore throats
  • Flu's
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Middle ear infections such as Glue Ear
  • Tonsillitis
  • Hay fever and sinusitis
  • and to relieve pain,heat, irritation and swelling of localised inflammations

As any inflammation is usually associated with an acute event, the dose will be determined by what and when the problem occurred and a tablet could be taken every hour for a number of doses to get things working and then bringing the dose back once symptoms have improved.

Its a simple product, but as with things that are simple they often work very well.
Active Elements 7.1

Change the world – one purchase at a time
Did you know that you can change the world by changing the products you use every day?

Miessence's range of certified organic products work in harmony with nature to nourish and replenish. No synthetic chemicals are used, so what is returned to nature is as pure as what came out.

As a thank you for making a stand with Miessence - and all the sustainable farmers who supply our organic ingredients - for the benefit and the love of the planet, we want to welcome you to MiRewards.

MiRewardsStacked200HMiRewards is exclusive to Miessence Lifestyle Members and Independent Representatives.

MiRewards Benefits
As a MiRewards member, you earn points every purchase which can be redeemed on Miessence products.

That means getting your most used products for free, or put towards products you haven't already tried – the choice is yours. You may even discover a new favourite!

With MiRewards:

  • Receive free product
  • Receive exclusive promotional offers
  • An exclusive invitation to spend Fridays with Miessence founder Narelle Chenery for the Fridays with Narelle podcast to learn how to transform your world
  • Free monthly Miessence Lifestyle Member newsletter
  • Receive the best possible price on your favourite Miessence products
  • Receive the cheapest possible shipping
  • Receive convenient automatic delivery on your schedule

So, if you are already a Lifestyle Member with us you will have had the info, if you are not and would like to find out more or start ordering your favourite certified organic Miessence products yourself click the link below to go to our dedicated Miessence website and find out more

Go to Miessence website

Health snippets(International News)

Global scientists in call for action on farm antibiotic use (Source: Soil Association)

A startling new report highlights for the first time the link between the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture and the bigger issue of overuse in human health. It shows that any increase in antibiotic resistance in farm animals is likely to spread to humans, and will also impact negatively on animal welfare, leaving some diseases without adequate treatment.

Lancet Infectious Diseases report "Antibiotic resistance – the need for global solutions" by 26 leading international scientists, calling for immediate action to be taken in human and veterinary medicine to deal with the growing crisis of antibiotic-resistance (Laxminarayan et al., 2013. Antibiotic resistance – the need for global solutions, Lancet Infectious Diseases, 17 November 2013). 

Finally we may have enough backing to get real changes happening for the good of us all. But look at these statistics for now.

"In human medicine, antibiotic use is generally confined to treatment of illness. Yet, an estimated 70-80% of antibiotics produced in the United States—more than four times the amount used to treat illness in people—are used in factory farms for animals that aren’t even sick. Instead, the feed farmers buy often has antibiotics blended right in, or they simply add antibiotics to the water."

To look at the full study click here

DEALS of the MONTH:  This month we will be giving you a discount when ordering any of the Active Elements products, and for those who complete the online assessment during March and decide to go ahead and order the suggested formula, we will ALSO send them to you FREIGHT FREE.

Get started now, you may well be very pleasantly surprised as to how well you feel!
Here is the link again to the questionaire. Active Elements Questionaire

Yours in good health
IMG 1146(copy)                        

Andy Pentecost, Natural Therapist/Healer and Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer

Maximum Wellbeing Clinic


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