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In this issue:
  • That problem Thyroid.
  • Products highlights from the Website -
  • Health snippets - From around the world.
  • November Deal

Are we just getting soft or is there a bit more to it than that? Back at the beginning of last century USA statistics suggested less than 5% of the population suffered with chronic disease, in 2005 that figure was reported as being greater than 55% and so guess what happened next, they stopped reporting! A Doctor from Cornell University showed back in the 1970's that you could not get an infection unless you were first nutrient deficient. So how well nourished are you?

As I have had a few more clients with thyroid issues lately I felt it was timely to re-visit some of the important aspects associated with this very important gland. You all will be familiar with cortisol, one of the chemicals we produce when our body is under stress
thyroid diaAn important thing to understand is that when our cortisol levels are high - as a result of some form of stress, it is more difficult for our body to convert some of the chemicals involving the thyroid  - such as T3 and T4 - and also for your tissues in general to respond to the signalling hormones produced by the thyroid.
What does this mean? Simply this means that too much stress for too long will make it seem like your thyroid hormones levels are too low even if they are normal!

On the other side of the coin what can end up happening for someone with adrenal fatigue - a condition where the body has been under too much stress for far too long and can no longer produce the needed levels of cortisol - and actually has low levels of cortisol, the adrenal glands can't keep up with the energy generated by a normal thyroid and so the body cleverly lowers the thyroid output which simply makes its less efficient when carrying out its tasks.

The fact is that these two glands - the Thyroid and Adrenals - are totally dependent on each other and it is often important to give the thyroid a helping hand in times of stress.
The confusing thing for many people is that a low thyroid condition(hypothyroid) could in fact be associated with either high levels of cortisol such as when under stress or low cortisol which is what happens further down the track when adrenal fatigue has set in.
Given the appropriate support the thyroid will be able to produce all the chemicals and hormones the body needs even during prolonged periods of stress.

Unfortunately, the average Australian and New Zealand diet often fails to provide even minimal amounts of these thyroid specific nutrients. Poor food (especially sweet things, take-away and processed supermarket foods), stress, lack of sleep, environmental and recreational pollutants like alcohol, caffeine, trans-fats, mercury, lead, fluoride and chlorine, birth control pills, pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause, as well as other factors can all increase your thyroid's nutritional needs.

thyroOne of the products we have from Future Formulations is known as Thyro-Balance and has a blend of thyroid specific nutrients that are in the most easily assimilated form and appropriate ratios for optimal function of your thyroid gland.

But do remember that while thyroid function is linked to the Adrenals - the adrenal issues generally need to be resolved before the thyroid will completely normalise.

Here are a couple of short facts relating to the thyroid and stress:
  • Large scale surveys have shown 40% of the populations studied may have thyroid dysfunction
  • 80% of those with Adrenal Fatigue will also have low Thyroid function.
Thyro-Balance enhances and does not suppress natural thyroid activity.

This complete and balanced nutrient formula has been used successfully for many years in over 30 countries to support healthy thyroid function, and can be also be used as targeted nutritional support for people who take thyroid hormone.

How quick will it work?
Many users find they notice improvements very quickly, however, between 2-6 months of taking Thyro-Balance daily as directed should help completely replenish the nutritional status of your thyroid gland. Many people are able to decrease the daily amount after taking it consistently for 2-3 months and choose to continue taking it indefinitely to maintain optimal support for healthy thyroid function. The amazing bioavailability of the liquid nutrients in Thyro-Balance also nourish the other cells in the body as well as those of the thyroid gland.

Future Formulations Thyro-Balance

Mould toxicity.

Mould toxicity is a problem in this country that is not often discussed and in fact could be a major health issue for many families. There could be mould or environmental toxins in your work or home that have never been identified but may cause ongoing problems in many situations. Your home, office, car or even your tent could all be hosting something undesirable.
One of the reasons this is not picked up is because the common signs and symptoms of mould toxicity can imitate many illnesses and because we don't generally talk about mould few are aware of the full extent of the danger.
Additional confusion arises because there may be a slow onset of symptoms but often of course this will worsen in the colder months when there is likely to be less fresh air exposure. Sensitivities of different family members may confuse things, two people in the same house may not experience the same symptoms.
toadstoolsSigns there may be a mould toxicity issue could be as simple as noticing that symptoms are worse when in the home or offending space or worse for those spending time in the infected room itself.
This type of toxicity could be mild resulting in recurring upper respiratory infections or colds or it may be more severe with exposed individuals experiencing complete incapacitation, migraines, increased food allergies and even seizures.

A telltale sign may be that a person feels better or has relief when away from the home or offending space for any length of time and could also manifest as an increased sensitivity to yeasted foods such as breads, beer, wine and cheeses.

If the mould has established itself in the respiratory system then simply moving away from the toxic area will not on its own give relief of the symptoms.

And of course if you were to have some agency/company test your home and they do find mould then the building CANNOT be lived in until the problem is resolved. If you happen to be in this situation you will be advised to not take any clothing from the building and any clothes that are ultimately removed must be dry cleaned or washed in disinfectant. Bedding and curtains will also need the same type of treatment.

And as for those that have been exposed to the mould toxicity it will generally mean a solid round of anti fungal treatments to destroy any spores that may be growing in the lungs, bronchii and gastrointestinal tract, this treatment may need to be continued over a period of several months to kill all the differing stages that may lay hidden and undetected within body tissues.

And to wrap it up, this type of toxicity exposure could ultimately drain the adrenals if not detected and dealt with in an appropriate time frame. Adrenal fatigue as a direct result of mould exposure is a reality for some so be on the look out for the signs.

What about YouTube?

Youtube1.jpgI couldn't find a side tickler that I wanted to share this month, so here is a nice one that highlights what a special place we inhabit, hope you take time out to enjoy.

Click here to watch the short video

Products Highlights from

B12PRL B12 - ND.
Vitamin B12(you may read it on labels as cobalamin) is a member of the B vitamin family. Much of the research into vitamin B12 has focused on its importance in the elderly, who are at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency, as well as into the functioning of the nervous system, cardiovascular system and infant health.

Dietary Sources of Vitamin B12
We humans are completely dependent upon dietary intake, like Vitamin C we can't make or synthesise B12. We don't need a lot, the recommended daily intake (RDI) in adults is just 2.4 mcg. The thing about the famous RDI is that it is not an optimal value, in fact its basically the minimal amount we need to avoid showing signs or symptoms of deficiency.

The majority of Vitamin B12 is sourced from animal foods including red meat, dairy products and milk. It is also found in plants such as Spirulina, the only problem there being you would need to eat rather large quantities to overcome a deficiency.
As with many nutrients absorption of vitamin B12 is a major problem and if there is any weakness - as a result of illness/ageing/food poisoning - in the function of the stomach and overall digestive efficiency then the likelihood of low levels of B12 is high. Quite simply, when your levels of B12 drop it becomes impossibble for your body to produce good quality red blood cells, and we all know how important those are!
Red blood cells essentially deliver oxygen and nutrients around the body, so if they can't do that at least one symptom you will experience is fatigue, do I need to say anymore?

I have noticed in my clinical work that an "A" blood group person may be more susceptible to a B12 problem.

Mechanism of Vitamin B12 Deficiency
Insufficient dietary intake
Vegetarians and vegans are generally considered to be the only groups at risk of dietary vitamin B12 deficiency
Lacto-ovo vegetarians and those with a low meat intake may also be at risk.

So if you suspect low B12 could be an issue, have a look at our new product, PRL B12-ND. This is a product that has superb uptake as a result of the bacteria processing wholefoods to produce a completely(real) natural form of this B Vitamin.

PRL B12 - ND

Health snippets(International News)

fertiltyCellphones and infertility.

Its up to you to find out more!

Here is the link

For those councils around the country that persistently push for mass dosing of fluoride, we have an alternative.

Dental caries has been shown to be inversely related to mean hours of sunlight per year, with people living in the sunny north having half as many cavities as those in the much less sunny south. As reported by the Vitamin D Council:

    "There were also several studies reported on vitamin D and dental caries in the 1920s and 1930s. May Mellanby and coworkers in Sheffield, England, did studies on the role of vitamin D on teeth in the 1920s.

    The first experiments were with dogs, where it was found that vitamin D stimulated the calcification of teeth. Subsequently, they studied the effect of vitamin D on dental caries in children, finding a beneficial effect.

    Additional studies were conducted on children in New York regarding dental caries with respect to season, artificial ultraviolet-B (UVB) irradiance, and oral intake of vitamin D with the finding that it took 800 IU/day to prevent caries effectively."

Two proposed mechanisms causing this beneficial effect include:

  •     Vitamin D beneficially affects calcium metabolism, and
  •     Vitamin D, which is produced in your body in response to sunlight exposure, induces cathelicidin, an antimicrobial peptide, which attacks oral bacteria linked to dental caries
It really can be that simple - STOP fluoridating our water!! And start taking Vitamin D!

Lower Prevalence of Antibiotic-resistant Enterococci On U.S. Conventional Poultry Farms That Transitioned to Organic Practices

Here is the article

Deadly Flesh eating disease! Its here and its getting more common.

flesheatingThe bug that causes the nasty flesh eating disease - Necrotising Fasciitis(NF) - is here in NZ hospitals and is becoming more of an issue than ever. Its been linked to poverty and due to its rapid onset is very difficult to treat.

Research by the Ministry of health found that Maori and Pacific peoples are particularly vulnerable, as are older people, and males compared to females. According to the study the reasons these groups have higher rates of NF is not clear but if we understand that immune dysfunction simply results from both the presence of toxins and nutrient deficiencies it seems pretty clear to me - and I'm not a rocket scientist!

The actual numbers show that back in 1990 there were 10 cases per year and by 2006 that had increased to 60 cases per year.

And they say we are generally healthier these days, yeah right!

Feed your body anti-nutrients in the form of colours, preservatives and highly processed ingredients and you take the risk. Its your choice! Good real foods, with loads of nutrients and vital energy create the strongest bodies.

DEAL(s) of the MONTH:

Check out any of the featured items, they are available at discounted prices for the entire month of November, great products at great prices.

I have included a "deal" on the Max B-ND(our superb natural Vitamin B Complex) for those who may want to complement the use of the B12-ND.

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter, its written for you, so if there is a topic or nutrient or problem you would like to "talk" about please do let us know.

Yours in good health,



Gary Beck, Naturopath,

Maximum Wellbeing

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