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Hi Dear friends,

In this issue:
  • Kidney Stones - what a pain in the......
  • Products highlights from the Website -
  • Health snippets - From around the world.
  • February Deals

Yes I know, I have been slow to get the first newsletter of the year out, but here it is. 2012 is already partly over - are you making progress in the right direction to create the year you want? If not then now is probably the most important time in your life - for now!
Living life is what we are here to do, and there are NO excuses for trying to avoid living.

Kidney Stones - Ouch!

Kidney stones, a common phenomen and in many ways a mystery. In most of the so called developed world the number of occurrences has been growing over the past 20-30 years, (in the USA alone up to five and a half million episodes occurred in 2000). The cause of the increase is said to be unknown.

There is an indication in the statistics that if kidney stones occur in your family you are more likely to suffer the same yourself and while an increasing number of women are being afflicted, on average, men are more likely than women to develop stones.

Causes will of course be in part related to your diet and also your water intake, I suggest that the quality of your water will also potentially play a part here.

drink water 1Probably the simplest thing for most to do is increase your water intake if it is low. Most research suggests for an average sized adult you should drink approximately 2 litres a day. Water helps dilute the urine and prevent the formation of stones. It also helps flush out the smaller stones that may already be present in your kidneys.

If you know what type of stones you harbour, altering your diet may assist in the prevention of kidney stones. If your stones are composed of calcium oxalate, you should avoid dairy products, chocolate, tea, dark-green leafy vegetables, ant-acids, and anything else high in oxalate.
On the other hand, if your stones are formed from uric acid, you need to significantly reduce the amount of red meat you eat.

There is some research that has revealed that vitamin B6 acts to prevent stones as well, so consider this as part of your anti stone regimin, but of course choose the best vitamin B6.

The urinary tract is a tight, narrow tube. Chanca Piedra relaxes that tube, opening it up and letting the stones move down with much greater ease. And greater ease means less pain.

How successful is Chanca Piedra in expelling stones?
kidney stone common cause 1Dr. Wolfram Wiemann of Nuremburg, Germany, an advocate of the herb, investigated the question and after carefully reviewing over 100 case studies, he found the herb 94 percent successful in eliminating stones and the nice thing is that the stone breaker's benefit doesn't end there.

Chanca Piedra also prevents stones from forming.

The problem doesn't end with just one stone. If you have one occurrence of kidney stones, you're almost assured a repeat visit. It's a lifelong disorder and if you are a known "stone maker", kidney stones are tough to live with. Not only do you have to deal with the pain and the fear of serious kidney damage, but your life ends up revolving around your stone-formation cycle. You don't want to be on a two-week trip when your stones start acting up…if one of them blocks off a kidney, where would you find an emergency room? And what if you're driving on a crowded motorway and are suddenly hit with the blinding pain of passing a stone? These are very real, and very dangerous possibilities.

But now, you don't need to twist your schedule around a possible kidney-stone crisis or live in fear of one. Chanca Piedra, by inhibiting stone formation, can give you back your freedom.

In a 1999 study, researchers confirmed that Chanca Piedra has a "potent and effective" inhibitory effect on the formation of calcium-oxalate crystals (the building blocks of most kidney stones). Not only that, but this effect was found even at very high levels of calcium oxalate. There's something in the chemical makeup of the herb that prevents stone formation, though the researchers were unable to determine precisely what it is.

We are excited to have had first hand reports of excellent results with this herb and its great to now have it available for you from our website, here is the page

What about YouTube?
Youtube1.jpgThis is one of those video's that you just have to see, its just amazing, and what the child and old guy has to say half way through is so perfect, I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

If you think this is just another day in your life...... 

Products Highlights from

StoneBreaker stops the cycle.

If you have ever experienced the passing of a kidney stone then you know what I am talking about - this is something worth avoiding at all cost!.

Tchanca piedra extract  he pain associated with passing a kidney stone can be excruciating. It's said to be almost as painful as childbirth, if not worse and while not everyone with kidney stones experiences that level of pain, millions around the world this year will be faced with the serious health threat associated with them…and the difficulty of managing this health risk for a lifetime.

A time-tested solution that can finally manage your kidney stones is now available here.

Its another marvel from the depths of the Amazon rain forest, a herb that not only helps expel stones, but actually blocks them from forming, how good is that!

The locals know it as Chanca Piedra, the "stone breaker," and have been using it for generations.

How successful is Chanca Piedra in expelling stones?

Dr. Wolfram Wiemann of Nuremburg, Germany, an advocate of the herb, investigated the question. After carefully reviewing over 100 case studies, he found the herb 94 percent successful in eliminating stones. But the stone breaker's benefit doesn't end there.

Chanca Piedra has proven to be a potent antispasmodic. In other words, it prevents muscle spasms while at the same time, facilitates the expulsion of kidney stones by helping to relax the smooth muscle tissue in the ureter and bladder walls.

As an aside, this also makes chanca piedra a possible treatment for menstrual cramping and hypertension, so here is another herb with a variety of possible benefits.

The urinary tract is a tight, narrow tube. Chanca Piedra relaxes that tube, opening it up and letting the stones move down with much greater ease. And greater ease means less pain.

So for those of you out there that are "stone makers" this herb may be just what the Dr ordered. If you have produced a stone(and experienced its presence) in the past then statistically you are highly likely to produce more and I am sure we can agree that prevention is far better than cure.
Now available from

Health snippets(International News)

Finding out why our bees are dying.

The decline in honey bee populations around the globe has been a major concern for not only bee keepers but importantly our crop growers and farmers in general. Bees are of course responsible for the pollination of many crops and without bees to do this important task we will be left in a very sorry situation. Are you prepared or even able to buzz around and apply pollen to every flower in your garden?

The research continues and now yet another study shows that pesticides used at differing stages in the growing process are an increasing concern. Bees are not "pests" but the pesticides don't know that and so the continued use of these types of poisons continue to affect all of us in more ways than we might have originally thought. We don't have to come into contact with these chemicals  personally to be harmed, and in my eyes the continuous use of unnecessary chemicals in food production is foolhardy and demonstrates how far reaching the benefits of real organic farming goes.

Read more about the results here

UK: GreenBottle introduces paper bottle for wine
GreenBottle, a small British Company that has introduced the paper milk bottle, is celebrating the sale of its 100,000th bottle, making it one of the fastest selling green packaging solutions in the UK. The paper milk bottle is currently on successful trial in Asda stores.
GreenBottle has now developed a prototype paper bottle for wine and is in talks with supermarkets and wine producers to make it available to the British public as early as next year. According to the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), the UK buys in around 1.2 billion glass bottles a year, generating CO2 emissions during transportation and contributing more than 630,000 tonnes of glass to the UK waste stream, around 40 % of which is disposed of as household waste. Offering wine in paper bottles would reduce the amount of both glass waste and CO2 emmission
Read more here

India: large-scale farm for milk production planned

The dairy Tirumala Milk Products is set to establish a 20,000 dairy animal farm to produce premium organic milk and milk products, reports the daily business news Business Standard.

Read More here:

Aren't we in NZ leaders in dairy production? If these guys can do it properly is there any reason we can't?

DEAL of the MONTH:

elete5Apparently we are about to start experiencing summer at last, so with this in mind I want you all to be prepared with the right things to combat long, hot, sweaty days. replace all those lost minerals with the 240ml size bottles of Elete electrolytes and CMD(liquid minerals).
scmddrop2These items will be discounted until the end of the month. And for a lucky few who order the DUO there will be a FREE bottle of Fortisalt - the healthiest way to salt/season your vegetables - there is only a few of these freebies to giveaway so it is definitely first in best dressed, please don't complain to me if you miss out :) Please mention you are a newsletter reader when placing your order to ensure you will have a chance of the FREE Fortisalt with your CMD and Elete. Here is the page to order your minerals

Yours in good health,



Gary Beck, Naturopath,

Maximum Wellbeing

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